Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Fun Anyone?

Please Daddy??? Can't we get a big big big pumpkin??? (And no...he couldn't resist...but we just got ONE big one, and several "normal sized" pumpkins!

Football season still has us hustling and bustling. Busy busy busy seems to be the key phrase in our life! Briona's sixth birthday came and went, and as usual I was in a bit of a funk for the weekend, but have faith that someday I will be reunited with my baby. Ricky's football season is over. They don't have playoffs in his league, thank goodness, or else we'd have two boys in the playoffs! Noah's team has done really well, and Noah is now playing nose guard. He continues to amaze me with his perseverance. He just keeps getting better and better. The last four games he's gotten his name announced as either assisting with, or making tackles! He's also doing great in school. I'm so proud of my oldest boy. He's in this picture...#4.

Matthew has adjusted well to the full day school schedule. He loves preschool in the morning with Mrs. Bowen and Mrs. Eyeball ('s Arbaugh, but try and convince Matthew of that!) he thinks he's pulling one over on them because he comes home every day and tells us "We didn't even have to do any work!" but truth be told, he is used to Ms. Debra and doing LOTS of work! He of course still worships the ground Ms. Debra walks on, and is a little worried about going to kindergarten and NOT being in her class anymore. He's decided he wants to be in the Montessori room next year. Mostly because of the rats! They have four pet rats, and the teacher lets Matthew come in every day and feed them. She's also been giving him lessons, so he's been getting into their materials as well, and loving it. It will be a far cry from what we're used to, but I think Matthew is driven to succeed, and will do well.Ricky continues to be the Ricky that you all know and love! Full of spunk, individuality, and a bit of sass. Good thing he's such a mama's boy! It saves him many a day! It's hard to get mad when he turns on those big blues and starts to explain himself. Sometimes it's hard not to just laugh. His most recent stunt involves large "gold" jewelery with a dollar sign on it, (bling he calls it) and his school picture. To his credit, he asked if he could wear it, and my answer was "We are going to give these pictures out to Grandma Lucy and in Christmas that what you want everyone to see?" I guess his answer was yes. I haven't gotten his pictures yet, but I'll post them as soon as they come. :) The girls are quickly coming up to their 3rd birthday. Still as different as night and day. Clara has become a dance class drop out, but Ruby continues to LOVE LOVE LOVE dance class. We took the littles to the pumpkin patch today, and had a nice family day, sans the big boys. They, for the second year in a row ditched us! Actually they were at a birthday party, so we just had fun picking out pumpkins for them!
Above is a rare picture of Clara smiling. She spotted a cow, and said "Cows my favorite!"

And here perhaps is one of the only photos I ever appear in with my kids!

I'll post Halloween pictures this weekend.
God is good. All the time.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Better than Saturday Night Live....

This video makes me laugh. I had to share. Matthew thinks it's the greatest.

We're still in the midst of football, and now it's getting cold. I blame myself. Last week I said to another football mom "I thought you said we would freeze during football...I keep getting sunburned!" Fast forward to butt cheeks frozen to metal bleachers... I's not a pretty picture, even in your imagination!

The girls didn't have dance class this week, so it remains to be seen if Clara will decide to cooperate. She says she will, but I'll believe it when I see it!

Hope all is well in the lives of my few (but loyal) readers. :)

God is good. All the time.