Friday, December 21, 2007

Jingle Bell Walk...

The school that I work at always celebrates the holidays with a Jingle Bell Walk. What is the Jingle bell walk you ask? Well, allow me to explain! For the Jingle Bell walk, each child in the school is given a set of jingle bells, unless of course they don't celebrate Christmas. Those children are locked in a sound proof room and blindfolded so as not to cause any emotional damage that could be caused by participating in festivities involving a season of love, joy, and peace. Just kidding of appropriate alternate activity is provided..but I digress!

Anyhow, each child is given a set of jingle bells, while Jingle Bells plays over the loudspeakers. The principal, and SANTA lead the parade of jingling jangling cutie patooties. The parade ends in the multi purpose room where all the children gather and sing Christmas songs. Here is Matthew and a couple of his buddies....

Here is my oh so adorable class..... That's all for now...Hope the holidays are full of love and blessings to all.

God is good. All the time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Silly Not to Post.....

I could only make 4 elves. I'll have to make a Ricky solo one later. :)

Got my snow day! Woo hoo!!!!

God is good. All the time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why I Will Always....

Be a fluffy will power. I really want to do things, like diet, exercise, blog more than once a month, but the many many many many many demands of my life often leave me dazed and confused, not to mention exhausted! ( I didn't even put in a many for my husband, job, or MIL!)

So....let's see....since my last post, Matthew officially turned 4! It was actually a rather uneventful day. I'm not sure he realized that Wednesday was THE day, as he had his party the Saturday before, and his school party on Tuesday since his teacher was going to be out on his "real" birthday.

I have to say, that the cape party was a HUGE success, at home, and school! In fact two of his little school buddies actually wore their capes to school the day after the party! (Along with notes of apology from their moms, stating that they couldn't get them to take them off!) Here is one of my favorite pics from the party...

Matthew is in 7th heaven with his new cape collection. A HUGE thank you to Holly of Superfly Kidz on Etsy. She made Matthew's parties perhaps one of the most successful I've ever had. :)'s another cute pic....

Super Matthew and Super Grayson...although Matthew was calling him "Rain Man" (lol) because his cape had lightning on the back! Do you just love Matthew's outfit that he chose to compliment his cape? His favorite (albeit too short now) lounge pants from Spring Bean, and a shirt that says "Mom". Man I love that kid!

My hubby got me a new heated, massaging, Lazy Boy recliner for our anniversary. I love that thing! The chair.... He is sooooooo way on my great side right now. Even if he weren't I could just sit in my new chair and massage my worries away! We also treated ourselves to a new tv. The old one was older than Noah, and the color was starting to get a little funny. Brian's mom gave us a generous gift for a combo Christmas/Anniversary gift which helped make it a little easier to part with the's a 42" Plasma screen! Too bad I never have time to watch it!

This weekend I am going to a cookie exchange at my dear friend Leslie's house. So sometime between now and Sunday I have to whip up 12 dozen least! My kids/hubby eat them twice as fast as I can bake them. I'm thinking of maybe making some fudge too....see....fluffy forever!!!

Well, I just returned from a purse party where I bought nothing, but enjoyed adult company and some karaoke. :)

Here's sending warm sewing genius vibes to my bff Missy, they likely won't do you any good, as I can't sew a button, but you'd be gorgeous in a gunny sack, and I have complete faith in your ability! Any man would be proud to have you on his arm!

God is good. All the time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why You Should Never...Ver 1...

Ha...just kidding! I stole that from my dear friend Missy. There are all sorts of things that you should never do at my eat Cheetos...Clara likes to lick them and put them back into the bag...I don't know why! I've tried to stop her, but to be honest I must choose my battles around here, and licked Cheetos are the least of my worries most days!

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that I've changed the title of my blog. I felt the road less traveled, while the name of a favorite poem, and quite fitting if you ask me, sounded a little too altruistic, and those who truly know me probably wonder...."What the ....." (fill in the blanks with your own version of that saying) so I thought and thought and this was the winner. It was a tough choice...I was originally leaning towards "Who Pooped on the Floor" but I was afraid of attracting weird fetish people, and while that is a common phrase at my house, I don't want any poo fetish people reading my blog...or looking at my children for that matter! Alas I digress....

Another thing you should never do at my house....sit on the toilet without looking boys (not including my dh) are not very diligent about aim, or lifting the seat. My girls, being two, and wanting to imitate their brothers are not real neat or accurate either. Aren't you glad that I am NOT as picture happy as some of my dear blogging friends? :)

Speaking of dear friends, I do believe that someday this photo could be shown at a wedding reception slide show!

Aren't they cute? Or perhaps this one....

Here my dear son Noah is learning what happens if he doesn't come home from work cheerfully, compliment his wife, bring flowers, rub her back, remark on the tidiness of the house and children, and rave about his home cooked meal. I'm trying to do my part to make sure he does ALL of the above listed things. His future wife (if her mother and I have anything to do with it!) is responsible for covering him in snow. Thankfully she also un-buried him. He was getting a little nervous for a moment. He was so thrilled (not) when I told Abi to wait until I could take a picture!

Good grief, I can't believe there are only 16 more days until Christmas! My tree is NOT up, my house is NOT decorated, and I have not wrapped a single thing. In fact, I don't really remember what I got for who, and will likely end up wrapping everything on Christmas Eve (making for a rather groggy and grumpy mommy Christmas morning!)

Last weekend we spent a WONDERFUL and snowy weekend up at the Milne household. I love the grown up company, and I managed to escape with JUST the boys! They all played with Missy's kids and I believe I had more uninterrupted grown up conversations in a weekend than I have had in the last two years put together. It was sooooo worth the drive!!! Missy also fashioned several outfits for my kiddos. Here is Clara sporting her latest Spring Bean creation!

We had Matthew's birthday party this weekend. He had friends, capes, and fun. I will blog about that more tomorrow. I also plan on blogging about Ruby's "baby". Hope that keeps you all in suspense! If I ever want to reach 50 posts, I need to get blogging! Praying for a snow day (well ice actually!)

God is good. All the time.