Monday, February 25, 2008

Why are my sea monkeys stuck together?

Noah is quite proud of his sea monkeys. Thus far, he is the only one who has not only managed to hatch them, but they are each about 1/4 inch long...which in my opinion is pretty big for a sea monkey.

He truly enjoys the task of keeping them happy, always wanting to surf ebay for new and exciting things to add to their tank.

Today after school he was "airing" his sea monkeys (as he calls involves squeezing a baby booger sucker into the apparently works!) when a panic stricken "Mom! Mom! Come here! Quick! Something is wrong with my sea monkeys!"

Thinking they must have died, I went in with a heavy heart ready to promise a trip to Walmart to get some more. Imagine my surprise when he looked at me and said..."Look...those sea monkeys are stuck together down in the rocks...I think one got trapped and the other one was trying to help it, and now they both must be stuck there..." I was prepared to say "Yes son, they are stuck in the rocks" and get the heck out of there, when the cheeky little things decided to take a stuck together swim all over the little tank! As of this posting, they are still stuck together! I'm not sure whether I should be glad I'm NOT a sea monkey (leaning this way) or if I should be a little jealous!

Poor Noah is quite concerned. I tried to tell him that they were conjoined twin sea monkeys, but he didn't buy it. I then ran out of ideas and told him he would have to ask his dad when he got home, as I think dad knows a lot more about sea monkeys than I do. :)

Hee hee....12 more days. Not going too badly. In fact, I can blog a lot more frequently! Ricky has a RAGING ear infection, complete with goo oozing from his ear, and delirium inducing fevers. Stayed home from school to take him to the doctor today. Got an SD card when I picked up his prescription, but have not managed to actually put it into the camera.

Praying for a snow day tomorrow.

God is good. All the time.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 2...No Husband....

Well, the good news is that I still am in possession of all five of my children. This could be due to the fact that I keep forgetting to pick up an SD card for my camera, and thus cannot post their picture in an ad that reads "Free to good home".

Actually today went well. I tried to go to church. I got everyone up, dressed, loaded into the car, etc...but then I got to church right during the time that coffee and doughnuts is NOT done from first mass, and everyone else is trying to find a parking spot for 10:30 mass. After driving around for a parking space for ten minutes (there was NO way I was going to try and cross Washtenaw with five kids in tow...) I gave up.

Since we were out anyhow, I showed the boys where I went to school when I was there age, and proved that yes indeed I did walk uphill, at least one way to school, and it was a LOT further than the walk they are subjected to each day. They asked if we could move to my old neighborhood, which I thought it was sweet until I heard them giggling in the back seat about "Then we could go to "Dicken" school...get it..."Dicken" giggle giggle guffaw guffaw"

Ricky needed new shoes, so we went to get him some. As a bribe to behave, I told them that we could go to the pet store next door if they all behaved. Got Ricky shoes, and Matthew too...I had the lady measure his foot to shut him up, and then realized that he measures a full size bigger than the shoes I had been stuffing his feet into. (Whoops!)

Went to the pet store planning on looking at fish, only to find they were having an adopt-a-thon. The place was full of cages of cats and kittens! My kids went nuts and tried to get me to get them a kitten. I actually really liked the cat that Noah all black Siamese mix lover boy with green eyes. I was tempted, but held strong. So my kids hated me for awhile. I let them play Wii when we got home. I think they are over it now. (Except for maybe Ricky...that boy can hold a grudge!)

I really don't want a cat right now, because I plan on getting a new puppy this spring or summer. Here is the one I want....

Well, it won't be him, but his mom and dad are expecting puppies in a couple of months. I want one JUST LIKE HIM!!!! I don't care what my husband says...I'm getting one. :) He didn't ask me if I wanted new windows! lol

I also did get to the grocery store all by myself. Thank goodness for teenagers that live around the corner. :)

Well...I need to set out clothes and the like. No sewing today...

God is good. All the time.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 1...No husband at home....

Well, Brian left yesterday to take his mom back to Virginia. He will be gone two weeks, so it's just me and the kids here at home. So food. Since I am hoping that this will not become a regular occurrence, I've decided to list the things I have done in his absence...

Last night I....

1) Decided to sew Matthew his "camel" outfit. This is really a camo flannel lounge set, but he has been bugging me to do this ever since he spent HIS gift card at Walmart on fabric for me to sew into clothes for him. The pants turned out alright, but Matthew won't wear the pants unless he has a matching shirt. I have now discovered that I am NOT quite the sewer that I was beginning to think I was....I had a major disaster with the shirt. Remind me not to try and applique the letter "M" or any other letter onto a shirt. Luckily it is a camo print, and Matthew is really not too picky. The "M" is looking a little ragged. Leslie (bless her heart) said she thought it was supposed to look that way, and since it was camo, it should look ragged. :)

2) I also threatened to throw all of the DS players outside and run them over if the boys didn't stop arguing about them, then after deciding that was not one of my finer moments, decided to threaten to list the boys on Ebay for $10.00 or best offer. I must have looked and or sounded serious, as after that they straightened up!

Today I....

1) Took all five kids for haircuts. Well, not all of them got haircuts. Ruby and Clara backed out of the deal, but I did manage to get Ricky, Noah, and Matthew haircuts. I was particularly concerned about getting Matthew a haircut before his bus aide started making fun of me or offering to stop off on the way home from school so he could get a trim! Noah and Ricky have spring pictures at school this week too. Didn't want them looking like ragamuffins!!

2) Went to Target with all five kids. Not sure what I was thinking here. It was quite the experience. Clara is quite the shopper and has a pair of lungs that could put most opera singers to shame. Luckily she glommed onto a Superman action hero, and a dollar bin puppy. I was going to buy a vaccuum that didn't require putting water into it (we have a rainbow) but then just couldn't part with the I put it back. I was toying with the idea of taking the kids to dinner, but then Ruby decided she wanted a bike and changed my mind for me. She doesn't usually melt down, but when she does, it is pathetic. She doesn't shriek like Clara, she wails and cries and carries on complete with "peas mama...peas me bike" while people stare at me and wonder why I don't just buy the poor kid a bike. I managed to grab diapers (purpose for the trip) and my much needed Diet Coke, but forgot about the SD card I wanted to get for my camera. Needless to say, I decided on drive through and can't post any pictures today.

In case any of you are joining the throngs of strangers in Target who think me heartless, I do plan on getting Ruby a bike, but not with an impending snow storm on the way! I am hoping to get her a bike for Easter. :)

3) I sewed two lounge sets tonight with my "good" fabric. A Michael Miller print, and a Robert Kaufman print. It is much easier to sew when the kids are occupied! Ricky and Matthew went to spend the night at Leslie's house. (Again, God bless that woman!) The girls were tired after our shopping escapade, and I let Noah play Wii till he was sweaty and bleary eyed. Just as I was beginning to think I was once again a lounge set making master, my bobbin ran out, but not before getting all tangled up and wonky so that I had to tear out the seam I had started, thread bobbins, and fight the urge to list my sewing machine on Ebay!

Well, it is now the wee hours of the morning, and I am waiting for my electric blanket to heat up. I am going to attempt to take the kids to church tomorrow. I've already arranged for a sitter in the evening so that I can go to the grocery store, ALONE!

God is good. All the time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Night and Day....

I tell you...if I hadn't been present for the particularly agonizing birth of these two girls, I don't think I would know they are even related!

Ruby is currently having a major "pretties" attack. In her opinion, this means the more barettes, pony tail holders, and hair decorations in her hair, the better. First thing in the morning she wants to get dressed, and then have her hair done. She will sit on my lap all day and have me put "pretties" in her hair! If she runs and plays and gets them all messed up, or if they start to droop and fall out, it's back to the pretties basket and mommy's lap for another round of "more petties mom...more petties"

Here is Ruby in her finest Monday hair style. This is currently her favorite way to wear her hair, by far! Quite possibly a by product of livin' in our neck of the woods... :) I don't recall Bella of Saline having hair like this....

Clara on the other hand, ran screaming from me as I attempted to come near her with a comb and brush. She is in to picking out her own "clothes" too. They say a photograph is worth 1000 words. Here is my Clara.....

Yes, those are her brother's Diego underpants, and her hosptial bracelet from the emergency room a week ago. She thinks it is the best thing ever, so I guess I will let her wear it until it rots off her arm, or cuts of her circulation! I really have to choose my battles with this one. Her shriek could pierce the ears of banchees, and she bites too. Has anyone else read The Taming of the Shrew????

Here is Matthew in an outfit I sewed for him a couple of weeks ago. We lost the shirt but found it today! He's bugging me to make him a shirt for his flannel Nascar pants so he can wear those to school. He is my biggest fan.

Hoping to set up my back room as a sewing room...(not a joy filled smoke free studio...but at least a table with my machine on it) once my MIL leaves. Brian is taking her back to Virginia on Friday. He is also leaving me with our five little ones for two weeks. Pray for grace and patience....pray for grace and patience...pray for grace and patience.....

More pics and news later....

God is good. All the time.

Friday, February 8, 2008

I love my mailman....

Ok, so maybe he just delivered the package, but look what I got in the mail today!

And this....

and this.....

And my most favorite....... this!!!

A yard of each...just waiting to be sewn into lounge pants and twirl sets. My pictures do not do the fabric justice, but they are thick and soft, and I'm having a good time just stroking them. It is a sickness I think....I have begun to hoard fabric. I have no sewing room...I am not a very good sewer, (I can't even dream to call myself a seamstress!!) yet I am driven to collect fabric to sew on my $90.00 machine. I don't think my machine is worthy....maybe I'll just have to stash these somewhere. Or maybe....I could use an even fancier machine! My birthday is coming up in May...Is there a 12 step program for this????? If my husband got me a newer fancier machine would he be enabling me?

In case you are wondering, the chess tournament was a bust. It was the biggest tournament ever, with just under 700 kids competing. My boys each won two of their five matches. Ricky has asked that if people ask me about how he did at the tournament, to just tell them "He doesn't want to talk about it". Noah was dissappointed, but bounced back as soon as we got back to the hotel and I let him get his DS out. I belive Ricky is still holding a grudge. Here's a pic of my little men at the tournament. I'm really proud of them.

Nothing makes one get over a dissappointment faster than a good ice cream sundae, so on our way back, we stopped at The Parlour in Jackson, for one of these....

It's called a JUNIOR Dare to be Great. I felt it was appropriate for the situation! Noah, Cameron, Ricky and Dylan seemed to be up for the challenge!

Noah wanted us to order the "real" Dare to be Great, which if eaten alone within an hour entitles you to a plaque on the wall with your name on it. Good thing I didn't fall for his pleading!!

Ricky is saying "Just say no to finishing this thing!!" (Dylan and Cameron gave up several scoops before my boys!) and Noah is trying to shovel in one last mouthful. For the record, this is his actual last bite!

Will try to blog more often. I imagine if you have read this to the end, your eyeballs may be shriveled up now!

God is good. All the time.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Check Mate!

So we are here at the chess tournament in Lansing. This is just a quick post, asking for good luck thoughts to be sent our way! This is Noah's last year, and he is playing 1st board, 1st team, meaning he is up against the best players from other teams. Our team is usually pretty decent, but we are no where near the caliber of some of the other teams that meet daily and compete in tournaments all the time!

Noah is quite positive he is going to "medal" this year. I'm hoping he does too! He would be soooo thrilled! He missed a medal last year by 1/2 a point!!!!

Ricky is 2nd board 2nd team in his age bracket. He has no idea what he is in for. He thought he was at the chess tournament last night at the hotel. As we were going to bed, he asked "What did we need those shirts for if we didn't even play chess?" Hoping he doesn't have a nervous breakdown when he sees the 100's of kids he will be up against!

Thanks for the thoughts, I'll post more later!

Remind me to tell the story of Grass Hogs and Guinea Cats. :)

God is good. All the time!