Friday, December 21, 2007

Jingle Bell Walk...

The school that I work at always celebrates the holidays with a Jingle Bell Walk. What is the Jingle bell walk you ask? Well, allow me to explain! For the Jingle Bell walk, each child in the school is given a set of jingle bells, unless of course they don't celebrate Christmas. Those children are locked in a sound proof room and blindfolded so as not to cause any emotional damage that could be caused by participating in festivities involving a season of love, joy, and peace. Just kidding of appropriate alternate activity is provided..but I digress!

Anyhow, each child is given a set of jingle bells, while Jingle Bells plays over the loudspeakers. The principal, and SANTA lead the parade of jingling jangling cutie patooties. The parade ends in the multi purpose room where all the children gather and sing Christmas songs. Here is Matthew and a couple of his buddies....

Here is my oh so adorable class..... That's all for now...Hope the holidays are full of love and blessings to all.

God is good. All the time.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Too Silly Not to Post.....

I could only make 4 elves. I'll have to make a Ricky solo one later. :)

Got my snow day! Woo hoo!!!!

God is good. All the time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why I Will Always....

Be a fluffy will power. I really want to do things, like diet, exercise, blog more than once a month, but the many many many many many demands of my life often leave me dazed and confused, not to mention exhausted! ( I didn't even put in a many for my husband, job, or MIL!)

So....let's see....since my last post, Matthew officially turned 4! It was actually a rather uneventful day. I'm not sure he realized that Wednesday was THE day, as he had his party the Saturday before, and his school party on Tuesday since his teacher was going to be out on his "real" birthday.

I have to say, that the cape party was a HUGE success, at home, and school! In fact two of his little school buddies actually wore their capes to school the day after the party! (Along with notes of apology from their moms, stating that they couldn't get them to take them off!) Here is one of my favorite pics from the party...

Matthew is in 7th heaven with his new cape collection. A HUGE thank you to Holly of Superfly Kidz on Etsy. She made Matthew's parties perhaps one of the most successful I've ever had. :)'s another cute pic....

Super Matthew and Super Grayson...although Matthew was calling him "Rain Man" (lol) because his cape had lightning on the back! Do you just love Matthew's outfit that he chose to compliment his cape? His favorite (albeit too short now) lounge pants from Spring Bean, and a shirt that says "Mom". Man I love that kid!

My hubby got me a new heated, massaging, Lazy Boy recliner for our anniversary. I love that thing! The chair.... He is sooooooo way on my great side right now. Even if he weren't I could just sit in my new chair and massage my worries away! We also treated ourselves to a new tv. The old one was older than Noah, and the color was starting to get a little funny. Brian's mom gave us a generous gift for a combo Christmas/Anniversary gift which helped make it a little easier to part with the's a 42" Plasma screen! Too bad I never have time to watch it!

This weekend I am going to a cookie exchange at my dear friend Leslie's house. So sometime between now and Sunday I have to whip up 12 dozen least! My kids/hubby eat them twice as fast as I can bake them. I'm thinking of maybe making some fudge too....see....fluffy forever!!!

Well, I just returned from a purse party where I bought nothing, but enjoyed adult company and some karaoke. :)

Here's sending warm sewing genius vibes to my bff Missy, they likely won't do you any good, as I can't sew a button, but you'd be gorgeous in a gunny sack, and I have complete faith in your ability! Any man would be proud to have you on his arm!

God is good. All the time.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Why You Should Never...Ver 1...

Ha...just kidding! I stole that from my dear friend Missy. There are all sorts of things that you should never do at my eat Cheetos...Clara likes to lick them and put them back into the bag...I don't know why! I've tried to stop her, but to be honest I must choose my battles around here, and licked Cheetos are the least of my worries most days!

Speaking of which, you may have noticed that I've changed the title of my blog. I felt the road less traveled, while the name of a favorite poem, and quite fitting if you ask me, sounded a little too altruistic, and those who truly know me probably wonder...."What the ....." (fill in the blanks with your own version of that saying) so I thought and thought and this was the winner. It was a tough choice...I was originally leaning towards "Who Pooped on the Floor" but I was afraid of attracting weird fetish people, and while that is a common phrase at my house, I don't want any poo fetish people reading my blog...or looking at my children for that matter! Alas I digress....

Another thing you should never do at my house....sit on the toilet without looking boys (not including my dh) are not very diligent about aim, or lifting the seat. My girls, being two, and wanting to imitate their brothers are not real neat or accurate either. Aren't you glad that I am NOT as picture happy as some of my dear blogging friends? :)

Speaking of dear friends, I do believe that someday this photo could be shown at a wedding reception slide show!

Aren't they cute? Or perhaps this one....

Here my dear son Noah is learning what happens if he doesn't come home from work cheerfully, compliment his wife, bring flowers, rub her back, remark on the tidiness of the house and children, and rave about his home cooked meal. I'm trying to do my part to make sure he does ALL of the above listed things. His future wife (if her mother and I have anything to do with it!) is responsible for covering him in snow. Thankfully she also un-buried him. He was getting a little nervous for a moment. He was so thrilled (not) when I told Abi to wait until I could take a picture!

Good grief, I can't believe there are only 16 more days until Christmas! My tree is NOT up, my house is NOT decorated, and I have not wrapped a single thing. In fact, I don't really remember what I got for who, and will likely end up wrapping everything on Christmas Eve (making for a rather groggy and grumpy mommy Christmas morning!)

Last weekend we spent a WONDERFUL and snowy weekend up at the Milne household. I love the grown up company, and I managed to escape with JUST the boys! They all played with Missy's kids and I believe I had more uninterrupted grown up conversations in a weekend than I have had in the last two years put together. It was sooooo worth the drive!!! Missy also fashioned several outfits for my kiddos. Here is Clara sporting her latest Spring Bean creation!

We had Matthew's birthday party this weekend. He had friends, capes, and fun. I will blog about that more tomorrow. I also plan on blogging about Ruby's "baby". Hope that keeps you all in suspense! If I ever want to reach 50 posts, I need to get blogging! Praying for a snow day (well ice actually!)

God is good. All the time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Make every day count....

I came home today to open the newspaper and find out that an old friend from high school had passed away suddenly. I haven't seen her for years, but when I saw her photo, years of memories came flooding back, and as if I haven't had enough reminders over the years, I realized how precious life is.

If you are reading this, hug your child, tell your parents you love them, and call that old friend whom you shared so many memories with.

I'll miss you Sarah.

God is good. All the time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My favorite things...

This post works best if read to the tune of "My favorite things" from The Sound of Music! :)

Cheesy, I know...but I need to keep up with my wonder blogger friend Missy. :) I can't take pictures like her, or sew like her, or bake like her...(I'm starting to develop a complex now...I'm not worthy!!) So I need to make up songs to the tunes of preexisting songs to make myself feel better! Tee ya Miss!

Girls in silly blue jeans with sock monkey patches...

Watching my children carve pumpkins from patches...

Birthday cakes done up with Dora and Friends....

When you live with five children the fun never ends!

Okay...stop singing now!

No more rhymes...or cheesy songs.

So....the girls are two now. Officially. I am now in the midst of terrible twos times two. We tried to get pictures done today. I am sure that there are pictures of my girls posted at photo studios stating "Beware...impossible to photograph children...send them to Walmart"

Needless to say, we got a few pics of Ruby, but Clara REFUSED to cooperate. She flat out told the photographer "stop it" and then promptly threw a stuffed animal at him and put her binky back in her mouth, and re affixed herself to my leg.

I haven't ordered any yet. My boys got a bout of bodily gas issues while attempting to wrestle one another in the studio, so I politely asked (if one can do so while attempting to not strangle children in public) to come back on Friday to order without them.

I am thankful for so many things, first and foremost being my friends, my family, and my faith. For all of you, thank you for being there for me in good times and bad. My life is so much better because of all of you!

May the spirit of the coming season fill you with the the ability to find joy in the ordinary, and appreciate every day miracles.

God is good. All the time.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Cutie Patooties in the Pumpkin Patch!

Okay, so I know it's November, and I'm just NOW posting pumpkin patch pictures, but that is just the way my life has been going lately! Busy...busy...busy!

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch...the "big" boys didn't want to go! When did 9 and 6 get too old to hang out with the family?

I've realized that my kids may eventually wonder what I looked like when they were little! I'm always the one taking the pictures! I think I'll just have to photoshop wedding pictures (the prettiest day of my life) into things like birthday parties, pumpkin patches, and Christmas photos, and they will all look back and remember me as a babe...a bit eccentric always dressed in a wedding gown, but a babe none the less! I'll just blame it on them...(there were six of you! I never had time to do my own laundry! The only thing clean was my wedding dress!) Lol...

Here's Matthew sitting on his pumpkin pick...looking snazzy in his favorite Spring Bean duds! Is he a fashionable sprout or what???

Ruby is wondering why anyone would want only three gourds....she planned on taking off with the whole wagon full! (We made it out with just in each hand of each girl!)

Clara checks to make sure Ruby isn't looking before making off with a few gourds of her own!

God is good...all the time

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday in Heaven.....

My sweet sweet girl would have been five today.

Briona taught me to make the most of the life that you are given. Every day is a gift...share it with the people you love.

Take walks, jump in the leaves, play a board game, tickle, make bubble bath beards, and snuggle. Let them stir cake batter, or play in the sink. Do what Dora and Diego tell you to, and watch them smile. Take a minute to read that bedtime story for the seventh time,....

These are the moments that memories are made of.

Happy Birthday Briona Hope. I love you and miss you.

God is good. All the time.

Monday, October 15, 2007

She Loves Me.....She Loves Me Not!!

Ruby loves her Mama!

Clara....well...not so much!

My girls are as different as night and day. It's sometimes hard to believe they are growing up in the same house!

We went to a friend's birthday party the other day. I took too many of my children with me to take a camera, but my dear friend Anne managed to get some great candids of me (thanks Anne...blah!) and the kids enjoying the day. Poor Noah was home still on restricted activity, but GREAT NEWS!!! His latest CT scan shows that he has healed WAY ahead of schedule, and he is now allowed to resume normal activities! :)

Ricky, as usual enjoyed himself! As did Matthew. He LOVES jumping and bouncing, and there was a HUGE bounce house for him to play in! Emily's mom even kicked out all of the big kids so that he could have it all to himself for awhile. He was in seventh heaven!

Ruby arrived at the party dressed, but each time I saw her, she had on less and less clothing. I'm really going to have to keep my eye on that one!

This wasn't even the worst of it. She eventually took off her jeans too, and was attempting to take her diaper off. I told everyone it was because she is potty least I hope that is why she has such a penchant for being in the buff lately!

Good news is that I finally found costumes the girls will wear without having a nervous breakdown. Not what I had dreamed of certainly...but at least they aren't dressing up in their brother's costumes! I got them both Native American Squaw costumes. Brown and made of fleece with a little fringe on them. No tulle, no wings, no fun for mom! The saving grace would be that Ricky is being a cowboy, so now they are "Cowboys and Indians"! MIL is supposed to come here on Wednesday. She is still imobile. Will be here for 6-12 weeks. I'm currently praying for serenity and grace.

The boys are busy busy busy. Matthew has a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Friday. Ricky is in Eastern Michigan's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat...Noah has decided he wants to go to Green Hills, a small indepent school that serves grades 6-12. It would be an amazing opportunity for him. We went to an Open House there yesterday, and even DH thinks it would be the optimal learning enviornment for Noah. He is currently working on his portfolio that needs to be submitted as part of the admission process...he's really enjoying it so far. I'm proud of him. He is really gung ho on getting admitted to this school, and it is no minor feat to do so! He and Ricky are both in Chess club again and hoping to be on Chess team for the state tournament in February. Kindergarten is as crazy as ever, but we are getting into the swing of things and really starting to get some learning going!

God is good...all the time.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I think I may be in trouble....

You know, they say to be careful what you wish for....once upon a time, I would wish long and hard for a baby girl. I used to dream of dressing them up in adorable clothing, playing with baby dolls, and the like. I never quite imagined what I would be getting!

My Clara is ALL girl...and not always in the good way. I mean the temper tantrums (shrieking, back arch, arms flailing, biting, and crying) and a mind of her own on what she will and will not wear. She has become obsessed with changing her clothes, weather be darned. She wants to wear what she wants to wear...even if it is three pairs of pants over one another, or as you will see by the picture....a bikini in October! She also has taken to deciding that we will go "bye bye" by getting on her sunglasses, her chosen outfit, shoes, purse, and baby doll in a baby carrier. Today she even brought me MY shoes and purse. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu, so her dreams of going somewhere were quickly squashed. She found the dollar bill in her brother's wallet and was trying to hide it in her bikini top! DH insisted that I get the camera...we couldn't resist!

Like I said....I think we may be in trouble!

Ruby on the other hand is much more subdued. Even tempered, and ever patient with her high maintenance sister. Where Clara tantrums Ruby rushes around looking for things to bring her to make her stop crying, saying in her best mama voice "Der doo do" (there you go) and then nodding her head up and down saying "Sess? Oday now?" (yes? okay now?) It makes me feel better...and she eventually finds something to calm her sister. I think she's earned her nick name of Lil' Mama. She loves it when I call her that...beams from ear to ear. She enjoys wearing pretty clothing as well....but always looks a wreck! I think she may take after her dear mommy....(poor kid) it's exhausting looking after Clara! Here she is helping me wash the dishes.

I swear her hair was combed at one point!

I'm still on my quest to find a costume that the girls will far no custom boutique Lady Bugs, Monarchs, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jewel Beetles will do...nor will any plain old Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty from the second hand store, or the fleece pink poodle costumes from Old Navy that I ordered. Thank goodness for Ebay and 30 day return policies....I'm beginning to think they may just go out as twins! Although I'm thinking they MIGHT wear the cute squaw costume I've seen on ebay. Those would be especially cute since big brother Ricky is going as a cowboy! tulle, no wings, nothing that goes on their heads (we can do without the headband...) but only if I can acquire it cheap. I've been outbid twice tonight so I am going to bed!

God is good. All the time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ricky and the Ugly Dog Collection....

Yesterday was one of those days when it seemed as if every time I turned around Ricky was underfoot! It must have been the good Lord's way of reminding me I owed Ricky a post on my blog. :)

So here he is in all of his cup stacking glory, along with little brother Matthew (as Superman) and best buddy Dylan. My DH yelled about me letting the boys "waste" all of the cups, but he got them FREE at a rummage sale, and then proceeded to leave them on the front porch for a week. I didn't really think he was that attached to them! Even if he was, the time the boys spent stacking, re stacking, and working together was worth the grump or two. Look how sweet they look working together!

The Ugly Dog Collection....

Here are a few pictures of my ugly dogs that I am unwillingly collecting lately due to the car accident my MIL and her sister were in. They are both still in the hospital, and have several months of rehabilitation ahead of them. God forgive me, but I was hoping that our own DD (dear dog...not daughter) would soon be romping in the fields of Heaven...alas now I have two MORE dogs in my house! Thankfully the weather has been cooperating, and they have spent a lot of time out of doors. Puck, the ugliest of them all is actually beginning to endear himself to me! Matthew calls Puck "Punk" and seems to think we are going to keep him "foweva". I don' think that will come to pass...but I supposed stranger things have happened! Puck is pictured first, then Conrad. Please pray for swift recovery for my MIL and her sister!
God is good. All the time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The Wheels On the Bus...

Okay...I just had to share this. I am so proud of my little man, and he was so proud of this project! He couldn't wait to open up his backpack to show me his "fanasee buss". I thought he was telling me it was a "fancy" bus, but then his teacher told me it was his FANTASY bus. He is the driver (I know the picture is blurry) and the passengers are all the people he would pick up if he drove the bus! He did all of the painting, cutting, and pasting all by himself!
I was going to take some pics of Ricky today, but then he crashed his bike into the wagon, and the wagon into the fence, and knocked it off the posts...did I mention that I have DOGS at my house right now!? Needless to say, when we were done fixing the fence, and rounding up dogs, I was no longer in the mood to photograph him! Aye....his post will come.

God is good. All the time.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hospitals, School, and Cupcake Theives!


What an unpredictable start to the school year! My DH and two of my boys Matthew and Noah were in a terrible car accident last week! Poor Noah, he had gone up with Brian to work on Grandma's cabin drywalling, mudding, and the like, and as a reward for his hard work, Brian was going to take him to Mackinaw Island at the end of the week. Noah was really looking forward to seeing the bridge, the ferry ride, seeing the fort, and eating fudge...however on the way they were struck by another car and poor Noah ended up in the hospital with a lacerated spleen instead. Thankfully Brian and Matthew were bumped and bruised, but otherwise okay. Brian's mom has a broken wrist, a broken ankle, and five broken toes. Aunt Glenda was also injured. She has a fractured hip and knee. Noah is home now, but on bed rest for three more weeks, and then on restricted activity for four months. He is stir crazy already. Poor kid! Here is the little trooper in the hospital with his best girl bud Abi. They make a cute pair don't they?

Noah was the best patient ever. He asked the nurses lots of questions and listened while they explained things to him. He also complimented the kitchen staff every time they brought him a meal, one time quipping to a nurse "Your chefs sure must put their best effort into every meal, because everything has been so tasty!" Poor lady, she had a hard time keeping a straight face!

Thankfully through all of this, once again my friend Missy was around to save the day! She lives not to far from the hospital and was able to swoop in and pick up Matthew and keep him for a few days while Brian stayed with Noah. I made it up there Friday afternoon, and I don't think I took a real breath from the time of Brian's phone call, until I laid my hands on both of my boys. Matthew was worried I was going to make him go home when he saw me. He was thrilled to be staying with Missy. He thinks going "up north" means a trip to Aunt Mimi's house, and kept asking his dad when they were going to get to her house while they were at Grandma's. careful what you wish for little man! Missy also kept Noah once he was discharged form the hospital for a couple of days until Brian could get his mom and aunt situated. Thanks are the best!


My Matthew started school on Monday! He was so worried about going...but he absolutely loves it! He thinks his teachers are the best, and really is enjoying all of the art projects and of course going to gym! He doesn't have school on Fridays, but this Friday I woke up to him dressed (in a pajama top and backwards pants) and ready for school! He was HEARTBROKEN to realize that he didn't get to go, but is looking forward to returning on Monday.

Cupcake Thieves

Well, these pictures aren't coming out the way I want them to, but you get the picture! Silly me! I left cupcakes from school on the counter. Ruby, my sugar mama climbed onto the table, up to the counter, and helped herself to the whole container! I was grateful for three things,

1. I actually knew where my camera was.

2. My camera had batteries in it....

3. Ruby sat herself in her seat before she started eating!

Clara had been busy admiring herself in her new Vintage Lucys outfit, but came running when she smelled the sweet smell of frosting. I need to add a forth item to my list...

4. Ruby actually gave Clara a cupcake! No tantrums!!

Ricky somehow managed to stay out of my camera's eye this week which is unusual. I guess I'll have to start snapping and dedicate a whole post to just him. :)

God is good. All the time.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Getting There....Almost

Well my classroom is almost ready. I'm not sure if I am or not! Just as I got into the grove of being home and managing my merry band of munchkins, it seems like it is time to get back to work! Aye...if only I weren't the one with the benefits! Last time I posted my room looked like this...

Now it is getting a little better. My lessons for the week are planned, MOST of my copies are made, but it always seems that there is one more thing to do, and I have the bad habit of getting easily distracted... Currently, my room looks like this...

Had a great day with the hubby today! Got a sitter...ran errands. Brian found a chruch pew at a recycle center that we are using to make a bench type table in the kitchen. He is such a genius sometimes! But, that same genius is now grumping for me to go get him some dinner, so I guess I will have to post more at a later date!

God is good. All the time.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A New Camera and Fried Chicken....

Here is the fried chicken I cooked for dinner yesterday. My family loves it, and I love my new camera. It was accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and applesauce, but he kids got into the applesauce before I could take my picture. :)

I have been going into school this week trying to get my classroom ready for the children. Classes start on the 5th of September. We have a loft in our classroom which served as a storage space for me last year, however I have decided it would make a nice peaceful reading nook for the children so I am cleaning it out. Let me make it clear that organization is not my strong suit. The room now looks worse today than it did before I started cleaning. After a few hours, I realized that I was getting nothing done, but moving one things from one place to another. I really need to bring in a giant trashcan and force myself to part with anything that I never used last year, or all the things I didn't even know I had in the room. Then I could get a true fresh start. I am a bit of pack rat, as I think all teachers are. My goal for tomorrow..."Get rid of unnecessary stuff!". I will bring in my camera to show any progress made....pray for me!

Here are a few pics I took with my cool new camera. As you will see my photography skills, and the cooperation of my children have not improved! Besides, if my children were always smiling and in matching clothes without the odd bit of food (or worse) stuck to their faces I would not be portraying the real me. Another goal of happy with who I am, thank God for each day, and appreciate the humor that comes along with having so many children.

While I am thinking about it.....

Things I Never Thought I'd Have to Say #2

"Who put the watermelon in the potty chair?"

I don't think this one needs any explanation. I should be coming up with many more things I never thought I'd have to say once school starts. I always say I'm going to write them down. Ah ha! Yet another goal for myself!!

Matthew and Ricky say "It wasn't me!"

Noah says "We have watermelon?"

Ruby quickly answers "Clara"

Clara just laughs....hmmmmm? The guilty party perhaps??

My children are very quiet upstairs which makes me a tad I shall sign off for now. Pray for sudden and swift organizational skills to be bestowed upon me. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Thumper looks a wee bit guilty doesn't he?

God is good. All the time.....

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Tonight we went to the rodeo, it's become a bit of a tradition in our house. Brian and I enjoy going because the rodeo was one of our first dates, the kids like to go mostly I think in the hopes of getting us to buy them "stuff".

We got a sitter for Clara and Ruby, and Noah decided he didn't want to go (he doesn't like the steer wrestling or the calf roping...he worries about the calves...) so Brian and I got to go out with just TWO of our children! Which is a rare treat.

Matthew was a little confused, as he thought we were going to go to ROMEO's house! Romeo is a dear playmate, and Matthew and Ricky both think he is great! If you read this, please keep him in your prayers. He is only six years old and has had to battle cancer twice already. Recent test results show that "something" might be going on again...but his poor mom Michelle has to wait until September 10th to see endocrinology! Keep her in your prayers as well. As a mom to a very sick child myself once upon a time, I can empathize with the roller coaster of emotions she is riding!

I couldn't quite figure out why Matthew kept telling me the drive was too long, but when we arrived at the fairgrounds, he said "Where Romeo at?....Hey...why him got all these people here!" He was a little disappointed I must admit, until he saw the horses, and the cowboys! He was in awe, and now wants to be a cowboy for Halloween.

Ricky LOVED the action and excitement of the rodeo. He was disappointed that he didn't get to be a part of the "mutton busting" kid competition which is an event when they put the kids on a sheep and they hold on for dear life! I told Ricky we'd try to get him signed up for the competition next year, and just as his big blues began to get teary, Dad showed up and saved the day with cotton candy! Yea dad!

Brian and I enjoyed the evening as well. Holding hands at the dusty fairgrounds and watching our boys try to lasso one another with their trick ropes was a pleasant end to the hustle and bustle of the week.

God is good. All the time.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Wonderful Weekend.....

My best friend in the whole world came to visit this weekend. It sounds strange to be as old as I am and refer to someone as my " best friend", but there are truly no other words to describe our relationship!

We have been friends since we were teens, and have seen each other through thick (our current sizes....) and thin (we were once....really!) Missy is the one person that I can always turn to for shared laughs or tears, advice, or simply a listening ear and a quiet nod. If all works as I would plan, someday we will be little old ladies remembering when as our shared grandchildren scamper about the front lawn of one of our houses, and our husbands snooze in an easy chair.

Our friendship gets better with age as we support each other through the ups and downs of daily life as wives and mothers. Our friendship is like an old comfortable blanket, a crackling fire, and a good cup of creamy coffee!

This weekend we went to the Heritage Festival in my hometown of Ypsilanti. The Heritage Festival has vendors of all sorts of handcrafted goods, fair food, and by the river there are Civil War encampments with period foods and crafts. Missy makes the most delightful clothing for children, and I am trying to encourage her to set up a booth at the fair for next year. I think it worked! :)

We had to bring my children while we went to the festival so we didn't get to stroll as leisurely as we may have liked, but my husband did watch the kids for several hours earlier in the day while we scoured fabric stores and second hand shops without any interruption!

So today, the weather matches my mood as rain falls from the sky. Missy just left with her husband and children, and the old familiar ache returns. We are so alike, yet so different, the country mouse (she) and the city mouse (me). The home school er, and the public school teacher, the sewer, and the "hey can you sew this for me?", but alas, I digress... Missy lives several hours away, and I know it will likely be months before I see her again, so I take these few moments to reminisce on a weekend that was ordinary, but better and am grateful for the gift of true friendship.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Who I am...

I am a wife, mother, and kindergarten teacher. My husband Brian is my knight in dirty carharts. He is a contractor, and as surely as he has faults to others, he is (most of the time) perfect to me! I have five children at home, one in heaven, and one currently living with her biological mother.

My family is my life! My children are Alyssa, who is 16 and currently living in Ohio with her "real" mom....long story, I'll save it for another day! Noah is 9 and going into 5th grade. He is my sensitive, braniac, who also happens to be addicted to video games, although I only let him play games that are rated "E" for everyone. Ricky is 6 and going into 1st grade. He is my "wild" child. All boy most people would say. He wants to be either the president or a pirate....that pretty much sums him up! Briona is my saint. She was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and passed away while awaiting a heart transplant at the age of three months. She would have been five this October. Matthew is three. He will be starting school this fall...which is scary because he wears a size 2t yet! He has some sort of growth delay, which actually is the reason I was able to get him into school so soon. I always say though, good things come in small packages. This is especailly true in Matthew's case. Clara and Ruby are my twin girls. They are not identical in any sense of the word. Clara was born first, and is the classic "girly girl", perfectionist, tempermental, (complete with temper tantrums), not liking "icky" things, and playing with dolls. Ruby is the little girl I was always wishing for after each succesive boy. I often said "Just a girl to dress in pink WHILE she swings from the trees would be nice!" That is my Ruby. Even tempered....always tagging after her brothers, but the first one to pick out a frilly dress and wear it while playing in the mud!

I love my life and all of the blessings and miracles that happen every day. I am getting ready to go back to work as a kindergarten teacher, which I love...but it will take awhile to get back into the groove after a summer of runny nosed kisses and lazy days of snuggling.

I truly cannot think of anything else that I could ask for. (Well maybe a tummy tuck and some lypo, but I digress...again that is for another day!) My plan is to post things that I always say I need to write down, but never my list of things I never dreamed I'd have to say aloud....

Things I Never Thought I Would Say Aloud
#1. Who pooped on the floor?
I feel the need to explain this Matthew JUST got potty trained. In order to do this, I just let him run around in the buff...much to my neighbor's chagrin! The girls have been quite fascinated with his lack of diaper and have now figured out how to take theirs off as well...they have a potty seat, and they LOVE to put toilet paper in the toilet...but so far, they just take off their diapers and hide somewhere....and yes...poop on the floor. At this point though they are quite proud of their acomplisment, and usually my question is answered with a proud..."Me!"