Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Fun!

Ruby as the little Mermaid

We have no big plans for the summer. Even a camping trip that I had proposed has had to be cancelled, however instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we are just going to enjoy the little things we can do.

If you look closely you will see that Clara is actually kind of smiling, and ALMOST looking at the camera!

We've all been staying up late, and sleeping in.... and for whatever reason (God's blessing or perhaps therapy) I am not nearly as fed up as I usually am with the kids! We've had lots of busy days, Wednesday lunches with the moms, strawberry picking, swimming at the community pool, and lots of not so busy days, and for the most part we are enjoying our togetherness.

Ricky at the sprinkler park
Baseball is officially over now, and that has freed up some time although we miss being at the ballpark. (Weird isn't it?) The only HAVE tos right now are Ruby's dance class, and that's only once a week!
Ricky in the dugout...

Matthew grinning at the prospect of playing coach pitch next year

We had a GREAT visit with Alyssa, and are looking forward to the next one which hopefully will be soon now that she has her new wheels.
Noah, as usual has managed to avoid the camera. I did however get a picture of him pitching at a baseball game. Perhaps I can figure out how to scan it and get it on here....

God is good. All the time.

Monday, June 8, 2009

One Down, Five to Go!

Class of 2009

Alyssa graduated yesterday. It's official, on top of being 18, she is now a high school graduate. Brian, the kids, Grandma and I made the trek to Ohio to be there for her special day. We were all very proud. After the ceremony we went to Alyssa's house for her graduation party, then piled back into the car for the long drive home. It doesn't seem possible that Alyssa could be grown up so fast. It seems like just yesterday she was skipping around my front yard telling me to marry her dad... our little girl has grown up into a young lady. She plans on going to a community college in Ohio (boo) in order to be a nurse.

I realized yesterday that we only have six years until Noah graduates. I know six years sounds like a long time, but time goes by so quickly! It seems as if the girls were just born, and now they are off to preschool. Ricky is going into 3rd grade, Matthew to kindergarten... sometimes I just want to yell "STOP GROWING UP!" Our life is so busy that it's hard to appreciate all the little things that make having a family so special. I want to savor each and every minute of my children's childhood, and they won't hold still long enough for me to do it! That's it... they are all rounded. :)

Here are a few more pics of the day, it's really hard to get all the kids in a picture looking the same way at the same time, so these are the best I can do! (Ha! Upon further inspection of the pictures I see that we NEVER have everyone facing in the same direction!!)

Alyssa Marie, I love you so very much and wish you a life full of love, hapiness, and wonder. May all your dreams come true!
God is good. All the time.