Saturday, February 25, 2012

37 Days... Oh Ruby.....

Well being off of Facebook is no fun, (just in case anyone is wondering) but I am going to keep trying to stick to my plan!

Today Ruby had a twirling competition. She did well. Better than she ever has before, but it was a very long day, especially for a six year old who couldn't sleep the night before!

Ruby and her partner in crime Elly, manage to take it all in stride. They prance, strut, and flit around having a ball, only to be interrupted by those times that they have to actually COMPETE. It's a long day for us moms. Thank goodness for MY partner in crime Jody!! =) I couldn't ask for a better twirler mom to hang out with. =) Sometimes I think Ruby goes to the competitions strictly to socialize, or for the concession stand. Why is popcorn so much more alluring when it cost me $1.25 a bag? If I had popcorn at home, she would surely want to eat something else.

Today the girls were getting tired, and we still had their duet left to perform. Thankfully the boss lady who runs the show took pity on them and let them perform their duet early... otherwise we would probably still be there!

As we dressed the girls in their outfits, Jody suggested that the girls practice the their duet one more time. Ruby replied, "We don't have to. That's why they call it a "duet" you just look at your partner, and you do it!"

Out of the mouths of babes.... (They got second place in case you were wondering!!)

Good is good. All the time.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

39 Days... Cheating is allowed... on Sundays!

So while I was lamenting about my Facebook break, a good friend told me that I could Facebook on Sundays. I figure she knows what she is talking about. She was raised SUPER CATHOLIC, and my religious upbringing was mostly going to catechism, and church on Christmas Eve and Easter.

I will admit, I am tempted. I mean, if SHE could cheat as a child on Sundays then it's okay... right? I thought about it, but I've decided that I will NOT cheat on Sundays. I am going to stick to my whole Lenten Facebook free pledge. My cheats will be my Donors Choose posts (keep an eye out for those the week of March 12th and feel free to donate) and my posts of my blog, which do not require me to look through my home page. =) Of course, this is only day two... things could change. ;)

I have not undone my Facebook notifications, so I have gotten emails letting me know that my dad is checking on my will power, and my friend Kelly wants to know what alms are. I have resisted the urge to reply, so on the off chance you read it here, Kelly, (and Jackie too) Any material favour done to assist the needy, and prompted by charity, is almsgiving. I figure Jackie's charity could be keeping an eye on you my dear friend, since I am NOT on Facebook for now! (That should answer your question too Dad!)

A few years back I gave up salting my food. Now this might not seem like much to some of you, but I am a certified SALTAHOLIC. If there were a 12 step program, I am sure that I would be a founder. At first it was not so bad. I may have even eaten less. My biggest temptation was when I went to the movies and ordered popcorn. I LOVE movie popcorn!! I also take a napkin full of salt to shower over my popcorn while eating it, lest I run out of salt. I was at the movies with several friends, and was drooling all over the counter as my friends salted their popcorn. Lucky for me, one of them spilled some salt, so I was able to convincne her to throw some salt over her shoulder (you know, to ward off evil spirits...) while I may or may not have stood behind her. =) She did not take salt into the theater, so while I may have cheated A LITTLE I took a LOT of grief from my friends. The salty popcorn was delicious, however it was a bit tainted by my guilty conscious.

Here are the posts you WOULD have seen today if I WERE on Facebook...

1) Why do my dogs insist on eating socks and barfing them up, after the first two or three, wouldn't you think that they would think...EATING SOCKS is BAD?

2) You know that dead slobbery bird that was in my living room the other day? My husband SAW it on his way to work and LEFT it for me to clean up!!

3) I still wish I had a hot tub....

4) I wish I were in Disney World, even if birds sat on my head....

My mom is in Disney World with my sister. While at the beach, a seagull landed on her head. She says she felt a "weird pinching" and thought that she was getting stung by a bee. Now WHY she didn't start flapping and screaming on the first "weird pinch" I will never know, but apparently a seagull had perched ON HER HEAD!! My sister was laughing too hard to take a picture, and the bird flew away. I miss all the fun.

God is good. All the time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

40 Days....

I've given up Facebook for Lent. It seemed like a great idea a couple of weeks ago, not that today is the official first day of Lent, and I am on Winter break from school, I am wondering what the heck I was thinking! So since I have lots of extra time on my hands, I guess I will use it to blog. I tend to use Facebook as an outlet for the random thoughts floating about in my head, so on the off chance that my head could implode trying to hold it all in, I guess I will get thing out today.

Thoughts for today:

1. Delivering 300 boxes of cookies sucks. I am very happy that Clara met her goal and sold 300 boxes and will win a stuffed giraffe, but next year I think I will sell a few boxes and buy her a stuffed animal. It will be much less painful. =)

2. Only 40 more days until I can use Facebook again.

3. I wish I had a hot tub. We just got back from my friend's house and she has a hot tub in her back yard. I am pretty sure that if I had a hot tub in my backyard, I would never have any reason to leave my house. So it could keep me from going out shopping, which could save us money. I wonder if my husband will go for that reasoning.....

4. I have decided that sharing my blog on Facebook is not actually USING Facebook, and that way if all my friends who live in Facebook want to comment on my blog, I can still kind of know what they are doing.

5. All my imaginary plants are going to suffer a long and terrible imaginary death in Monster World.

6. Why do I even PLAY Monster World??

Well, that's it for now. It's about time I get out of my pajamas and accomplish something. I would bake cookies or something, but I am pretty sure there is an unwritten rule about baking cookies when you have 200 boxes of cookies left to deliver.....

God is good. All the time.