Friday, November 2, 2007

Cutie Patooties in the Pumpkin Patch!

Okay, so I know it's November, and I'm just NOW posting pumpkin patch pictures, but that is just the way my life has been going lately! Busy...busy...busy!

We had a great time at the pumpkin patch...the "big" boys didn't want to go! When did 9 and 6 get too old to hang out with the family?

I've realized that my kids may eventually wonder what I looked like when they were little! I'm always the one taking the pictures! I think I'll just have to photoshop wedding pictures (the prettiest day of my life) into things like birthday parties, pumpkin patches, and Christmas photos, and they will all look back and remember me as a babe...a bit eccentric always dressed in a wedding gown, but a babe none the less! I'll just blame it on them...(there were six of you! I never had time to do my own laundry! The only thing clean was my wedding dress!) Lol...

Here's Matthew sitting on his pumpkin pick...looking snazzy in his favorite Spring Bean duds! Is he a fashionable sprout or what???

Ruby is wondering why anyone would want only three gourds....she planned on taking off with the whole wagon full! (We made it out with just in each hand of each girl!)

Clara checks to make sure Ruby isn't looking before making off with a few gourds of her own!

God is good...all the time

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Missy said...

awww...cute cute cute! Great idea on the wedding dress, I may have to use that one as well. ;-)