Friday, December 14, 2007

Why I Will Always....

Be a fluffy will power. I really want to do things, like diet, exercise, blog more than once a month, but the many many many many many demands of my life often leave me dazed and confused, not to mention exhausted! ( I didn't even put in a many for my husband, job, or MIL!)

So....let's see....since my last post, Matthew officially turned 4! It was actually a rather uneventful day. I'm not sure he realized that Wednesday was THE day, as he had his party the Saturday before, and his school party on Tuesday since his teacher was going to be out on his "real" birthday.

I have to say, that the cape party was a HUGE success, at home, and school! In fact two of his little school buddies actually wore their capes to school the day after the party! (Along with notes of apology from their moms, stating that they couldn't get them to take them off!) Here is one of my favorite pics from the party...

Matthew is in 7th heaven with his new cape collection. A HUGE thank you to Holly of Superfly Kidz on Etsy. She made Matthew's parties perhaps one of the most successful I've ever had. :)'s another cute pic....

Super Matthew and Super Grayson...although Matthew was calling him "Rain Man" (lol) because his cape had lightning on the back! Do you just love Matthew's outfit that he chose to compliment his cape? His favorite (albeit too short now) lounge pants from Spring Bean, and a shirt that says "Mom". Man I love that kid!

My hubby got me a new heated, massaging, Lazy Boy recliner for our anniversary. I love that thing! The chair.... He is sooooooo way on my great side right now. Even if he weren't I could just sit in my new chair and massage my worries away! We also treated ourselves to a new tv. The old one was older than Noah, and the color was starting to get a little funny. Brian's mom gave us a generous gift for a combo Christmas/Anniversary gift which helped make it a little easier to part with the's a 42" Plasma screen! Too bad I never have time to watch it!

This weekend I am going to a cookie exchange at my dear friend Leslie's house. So sometime between now and Sunday I have to whip up 12 dozen least! My kids/hubby eat them twice as fast as I can bake them. I'm thinking of maybe making some fudge too....see....fluffy forever!!!

Well, I just returned from a purse party where I bought nothing, but enjoyed adult company and some karaoke. :)

Here's sending warm sewing genius vibes to my bff Missy, they likely won't do you any good, as I can't sew a button, but you'd be gorgeous in a gunny sack, and I have complete faith in your ability! Any man would be proud to have you on his arm!

God is good. All the time.

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Missy said...

I'm a fluffy, she's a fluffy, wouldn't you like to be a fluffy too? sung to dr. pepper song. :-)

ahhhh, you're chair sounds fantabulous! Tell Bri, I'll sew the kids endless wardrobes if he gets me one too.

Karaoke and a purse party, wish i was there.