Sunday, September 13, 2009

Because a promise is a promise....

I am updating my blog. But only so that you will no longer have to read about my gang sign flashing kindergartner. In the craziness that only a kindergarten teacher would understand, I managed to leave my charger at school for my laptop. I guess we are supposed to have two, so maybe I left BOTH of them at school... (problem being I have no idea where one of them may be...) I could not edit or upload my pictures, play on Facebook, or browse wistfully on the Gymboree website. I couldn't even list Matthew's motorcycle power wheels on Craigs List! (He said we could sell it if he could get a Build a Bear Wolf, and a Batman costume for it to wear...)

What did I do before that laptop??

I am updating now from the dinosaur we call a desktop. It is old, and slow, and annoying...

Problem is, I PROMISED a friend I would update my blog this weekend, and a promise is a promise, so consider this blog updated!

Will post more with pictures and fun later this week! (Maybe....)

God is good. All the time.

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ilene said...

Yeah MM!!! A new post and on the dinosaur desktop. I am honored!! Hope things are going well at school... things were looking good when I popped in today!! :) See ya soon!! <3