Friday, November 5, 2010

Things they don't teach you in college...

Being a kindergarten teacher is hard. I know that many think it's all sunshine, rainbows, and playtime, but truly it is a mentally and physically exhausting job! Most of my little ones have little or no school before coming to my room. There is so much to teach them before you can even get to the actual academics! Don't get me wrong I LOVE my job. I can't think of anything else I would rather do... except maybe be a nurse, but there is that pesky "ewww blood" reaction I have which prevented me from following that dream.

Often I hear myself say things that I never ever imagined myself having to say. I have begun to compile a list of thing of things I have said in just the last week. I am thinking that maybe when I retire I might just teach a class at Eastern called "Things You Might Have to Say, so Be Prepared" I am writing them down for the first time here, but I am pretty sure I'll be adding to it in the future.

1. Please do not eat the legos.
2. We do not lick our friends.
3. Please get your hands out of your pants.
4. I am sure the nurse can find you some underwear.
5. Who bit the glue sticks?
6. Puzzle pieces do not go in noses.
7. We do not lick our boogies, we use tissue.
8. Please do not use my sleeve to wipe your nose.
9. Helping hands do not push, even if it is to prevent someone from cutting.
10 Everybody toots. It is okay.

Happy Friday Everybody!

God is good. All the time.


Kristen & Dave said...

I remember getting tired of saying, "Put your hands through your sleeves" or "Wear your shirt the right way." The REALLY exasperating part is that I STILL have to say this to students as old as SIXTH GRADE!!!

fyek said...

We don't lick our friends=my favorite on the list!