Sunday, October 7, 2007

I think I may be in trouble....

You know, they say to be careful what you wish for....once upon a time, I would wish long and hard for a baby girl. I used to dream of dressing them up in adorable clothing, playing with baby dolls, and the like. I never quite imagined what I would be getting!

My Clara is ALL girl...and not always in the good way. I mean the temper tantrums (shrieking, back arch, arms flailing, biting, and crying) and a mind of her own on what she will and will not wear. She has become obsessed with changing her clothes, weather be darned. She wants to wear what she wants to wear...even if it is three pairs of pants over one another, or as you will see by the picture....a bikini in October! She also has taken to deciding that we will go "bye bye" by getting on her sunglasses, her chosen outfit, shoes, purse, and baby doll in a baby carrier. Today she even brought me MY shoes and purse. Unfortunately I was sick with the flu, so her dreams of going somewhere were quickly squashed. She found the dollar bill in her brother's wallet and was trying to hide it in her bikini top! DH insisted that I get the camera...we couldn't resist!

Like I said....I think we may be in trouble!

Ruby on the other hand is much more subdued. Even tempered, and ever patient with her high maintenance sister. Where Clara tantrums Ruby rushes around looking for things to bring her to make her stop crying, saying in her best mama voice "Der doo do" (there you go) and then nodding her head up and down saying "Sess? Oday now?" (yes? okay now?) It makes me feel better...and she eventually finds something to calm her sister. I think she's earned her nick name of Lil' Mama. She loves it when I call her that...beams from ear to ear. She enjoys wearing pretty clothing as well....but always looks a wreck! I think she may take after her dear mommy....(poor kid) it's exhausting looking after Clara! Here she is helping me wash the dishes.

I swear her hair was combed at one point!

I'm still on my quest to find a costume that the girls will far no custom boutique Lady Bugs, Monarchs, Sugar Plum Fairies, Jewel Beetles will do...nor will any plain old Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty from the second hand store, or the fleece pink poodle costumes from Old Navy that I ordered. Thank goodness for Ebay and 30 day return policies....I'm beginning to think they may just go out as twins! Although I'm thinking they MIGHT wear the cute squaw costume I've seen on ebay. Those would be especially cute since big brother Ricky is going as a cowboy! tulle, no wings, nothing that goes on their heads (we can do without the headband...) but only if I can acquire it cheap. I've been outbid twice tonight so I am going to bed!

God is good. All the time.

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