Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No We're Not Starting a Nudist Colony...and the 50th post!! we are, the 50th post! Any commenters will be entered into a drawing for a WEBKINZ! I'm not sure which one, I'll have to check my stash, but it will be new, with unused tags!

I wanted to dedicate this post to my Noah since he is usually absent from the photos, but we've been doing so much I feel the need to talk about everyone...but here is my "football star" as he calls himself!

Look out Notre Dame....Noah started football practice this week! Much to his very over protective worry wart mother's chagrin, HE LOVES IT! He is working out like a champion, trying to eat a healthier, more sport oriented diet, and even more importantly, bonding with his dad. Brian is VERY proud of how well Noah is doing. I am also very proud of my son. I can't believe the amount of running and exercising the boys have been doing. The coaches are like drill sergeants complete with "yes sir" after every question, and Noah is taking it all in stride. He is not very naturally athletically talented, but his heart is in the right place! I never thought I would see him doing the things he has done this week. I will never again underestimate that kid!!

Ricky also started football this week, although his first practice was today. I had to leave early as he was crying and begging me to take him with me. That boy who IS very athletically inclined does not like to do anything that isn't easy for him. He's also a little tender hearted, although when he's tearing through the house a mile a minute it's easy to forget that fact. Football will be good for him in other ways, and it's nice to give Noah the upper hand for once. He is usually in his brother's shadow in sports. This time, Noah is the one who's got it together. Yea Noah!

I've succeeded in potty training the girls for the most part. They wear underwear now, but the problem being, they prefer being naked. Thus the title! Here's Clara at the beach! And Ruby in the front yard... My neighbor asked me the other day if we had joined a Nudist Colony. (He was teasing!) I told him that we hadn't yet, as if we did, I would be naked too, and it's tough to sell houses in this neighborhood right now! I also told the poor guy that this was what he had to look forward to! He's a new daddy himself!

We just got back from a lovely kid filled visit with my bff Missy. The kids had a GREAT time and really didn't want to leave. Missy and I pretty much just hung out and enjoyed each other's company. Meems also whipped up a couple of dressed for the girls which they LOVE. Haven't been able to get them out of them since we got home! I did manage to wash them last night, but they put them right back on again this morning! Here are some pictures from my "vacation

Ricky's birthday party is this Sunday. Hard to believe he is turning seven already. After that, we'll be getting ready for our "real" vacation, which the boys still believe is to New Jersey. Tee hee!

Little voices are calling from upstairs (I'm pretty sure they're not in my head!)

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God is good. All the time.


Strozeski kids said...
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Strozeski kids said...

Naked on the beach, webkinz, football, and what naked in the front yard? Well looks like you will need a rita or two or what the heck three, pat has said he will host the next rita party at his house so wanna go before the NJ trip or do we need to wait oh what the heck lets go before and after the trip! I want to win the webkinz 50th so think bubba kids when picking the winner not your weiner! That would be another post! HA

Strozeski kids said...

Well well well is this false advertising or are you just waiting for some weird groupies to comment so they can win? HA

SpeechMom said...

Hi there - I remember almost starting a nudist colony when potty training. It's a lot of laughs (especially when the boy pees on the fence at his sister's baseball game!!!)

Have fun in "New Jersey" - maybe I'll try to stow away in a suitcase!!! Take lots of pictures we can ooh and aah over at school (YIKES - only a few weeks away!!)

Becky said...

I missed my chance to leave a comment, but I don't even know what Webkinz are, anyway! Is that something I should know about??? Love your blog!!