Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Ricky!

It's hard to believe the my once tiny ten pound eight ounce baby boy is now a baseball slingin' football playing, grown up steak eatin' seven year old. We had a Chuck E. Cheese party for friends on Sunday, and today we went to the sprinkler park in Canton, and out to dinner. Ricky picked Lone Star...and insisted on ordering a "grown up" steak. He ate it ALL and his salad, and his potato...maybe football isn't such a good idea after all!

In honor of his birthday, here are the top seven things I love about Ricky...

1. His beautiful blue eyes.

2. His tender heart.

3. His laugh.

4. His ability to make friends wherever he goes.

5. He is so very smart!

6. The way he still plays with his hair when he's tired.

7. The fact that he is still my snuggle bug...as long as his friends aren't looking!

I could go on and on, but the fact of the matter is that I think that I am one of the luckiest moms in the world to be blessed with such a wonderful son.

Happy birthday kiddo!!

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Strozeski kids said...

Ha i love the home made webkinz cake how cute sister! Bella had a wonderful time at the party. Happy Birthday to your big boy 7 year old and many more!!!!