Saturday, August 23, 2008

We're back!! Now when do I get a vacation???

Disney World was according to my children "awesome", which means I have done my job well. :) Brian and I on the other hand are exhausted. So I am now wondering....when do I get a vacation???? I know, I know, when I retire....right?? Even if I'm wrong, let me live in ignorance for the next 22 odd years until I get there. :)

Pictures speak a thousand words, and if I haven't made it clear already, I am here in a picture fest is our vacation... :)

Ricky showing how happy he is to be at Disney World...

Help! A shark ate my boys!!

Matthew staring as Sleeping Beauty's prince!! (What a cute couple!)Noah preparing for Driver's Ed...(according to him, he is an excellent driver)

Light Weights!!! (Ha!)

Quality Dad time...except for Ricky...too busy trying to catch lizards..... Mama's boys...yes I am aware that I have several chins...did I mention I'm thinking of starting weight watchers soon??

The whole family (minus the girls) Hollywood Studios....

My home...not at Disney World....

Don't you just love hand me down clothes? My girls were soooo happy to get a bag full from cousin Bella! Ruby couldn't wait to put on some new duds, and ALL of the baggy full of "pretties" in her hair!

That's all for now, I'll post more Disney pics as I unwind and get the time.

God is good. All the time.

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