Thursday, January 29, 2009

Found the Camera, lost the cord thingie...

Today I am typing from my handy dandy school issued laptop.  I have located my camera, but cannot upload pictures today since I cannot find the cord that I am supposed to plug into my camera to load pictures.  

It would not be a stretch to call me severely technology impaired.  Of course, aside from blogging,  sending email, and surfing facebook, I have very little use for it, so am sadly not all that inspired to learn more.  To be honest, I cannot even figure out how to make my blog look fancy, or how to list my favorite blogs on the side.  Sigh.....

Ricky has another chess tournament next weekend.  If you've never been to a chess tournament, you have no idea how stressful they are!  (For us parents!!)  He is actually a pretty good chess player and has been put on his "A" team, as the second chair.  This doesn't bode well for him winning a medal, which is his sole purpose in life (collecting medals and trophies...not just chess medals)  Poor Noah had the same problem...he was usually A-1, and would hold his own, but not win enough to get a trophy.   I always kind of hoped that they would get selected to be like B-3, and then they might have a fighting chance at getting a medal.  I guess I should just try thinking positively!!   

The best part of the weekend will be going to The Parlor!  A super yummy ice cream parlor with gigantic portions!  I will be throwing my weight watching out the window for the weekend. You only live once, and I only go to The Parlor once a year, so if I end up having to "pay in" to the Biggest Loser pot, so be it!  It will be a dollar well spent.  :)  

I'm a little worried about hubby who can't blink his left eye, has pain in his jaw, a swollen tongue, and an ear ache.  I tried to talk him into going to the emergency room to no avail. He made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow, which means even he must be worried.  Web MD said seek medical attention for a painful jaw...he says he did since he is going to the doctor tomorrow.  I'm not sure that is what Web MD meant.  No use arguing with him...he is always right.  It's a good thing I love him so... he is really a lot of work.  :)

God is good.  All the time.

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ilene said...

I would be happy to show you how to make your blog a little fancier.... since I don't know how to add pictures we could trade technological information!! :) Hope hubby is fine.

Have a good weekend.