Friday, March 13, 2009

Waiting on Ellen...

So last Friday, I got a call from one of Ellen's screeners!  I was so excited I could hardly talk.  Brian got a little annoyed because he said I was more excited about a phone call than I was when he proposed.  I told him there was really no comparison.  (This did nothing to sooth his ruffled feathers, in fact looking back I think it may have made it worse!!)  

The Ellen show was calling to pre-interview me after I sent in an email to participate in Ellen's Gold Digger contest.  Basically, Ellen is sending around a giant money blowing machine to people all over the country and letting them grab all the cash they can in 30 seconds.  It would be a dream come true!  Talking to ELLEN, extra cash???  Need I go on?  Problem is, they said it is NOT a guarantee, just a screening call.  ****sigh sigh sigh****  I may not have made myself out poor enough to benefit from her generosity.  When the screener asked how the economy had affected us, I just said since I was the only one working, there was never enough money to go around, and I was always trying to figure out how to stretch what I had until the next pay day.  I forgot to mention that I have been unable to pay my student loans in I don't even know how long!  I make a payment here and there, and then put them back in forbearance.  At the rate I am going, I think I'll need to invest in more life insurance so my kids can pay off my loans when I die!

On the bright side, I got the girls registered for full day preschool in the fall, and Matthew registered for kindergarten.  I also got a little (really little after they added it onto my paycheck and taxed the fun out of it) extra money for being over by a student so I splurged on new skirts for the girls.  Ruby wanted a "mermaid" one, and here's a picture of the skirt!  Watch out Perry!  She picked the colors herself.  Clara's isn't done yet, as she picked five colors for her skirt!  I can't wait to see how cute they look ON!!

God is good.  All the time.

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ilene said...

Wow!! I sure hope Ellen calls back. That is very exciting!! I love the skirt.... maybe you can have one made just like it for you... then the two of you could be twins at Perry next year!!