Monday, August 17, 2009

Toad Lessons

We are "up north" as my kids would say, visiting my bff Meems and her gang.  They were at our house last week, just in time to get exposed to pertussis.  Thankfully their mommy called the doctor and got them on preventative antibiotics and the only coughing here is from my kiddos.  Have I mentioned that the coughing symptoms can last THREE MONTHS??   But I digress.  

The picture above is "Baby" holding a toad she found in the yard.  My kids were impressed with her boldness and all wanted to hold the toad.  Problem being... they all looked like this...

In case you don't speak Clara facial expressionesse she is saying "Are you kidding me?  I am not touching that thing!!"  They all tried and tried, and the poor toad got dropped and dropped.  My kids could NOT keep from flinching every time they touched the toad.  Finally Noah stepped forward and said, "I want to hold it."  Now those of you that know Noah, know that he is not known for his bravery or willingness to try new things!  He kept saying, "Wait, wait, I gotta get my mind set."  Then what do you know....Noah!  Holding a toad!  It seems like a very strange proud mommy moment, but it was one!  I proclaimed him the toad holding winner of the city mice!  Of course then Matthew wanted to try again....Poor Ricky just couldn't bring himself to hold the toad without a napkin.  I told him I was NOT getting him a napkin!  So he looked like this..
We have a few more days here... maybe "Baby" can teach him some toad holding tricks yet.

God is good.  All the time.

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ilene said...

Great job Noah and Matthew!! Glad to hear you are all having fun up north! Ricky, you will be grateful when you are the only one that doesn't get warts! LOL!! Did you tell the girls about kissing the toad (I know it should be a frog) to see if it will turn into a prince?! I'd love to see there face at that one!!