Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Guy...

This summer was going to be the start of Clara's twirling career.  There was a problem though.  Clara went to camp, and did not like it.  At all.  In all honesty, this didn't really surprise me too much.  Clara is NOT a show girl.  She is often heard complaining that she doesn't want people to "look at her", and essentially twirling is a sport where the whole point is, well, people looking at you!  

So when I picked her up on Monday, she told me she did not want to do it anymore.  That's when Matthew pipped up.  "Can I have her spot at camp?  I'll twirl!"  One look at his hopeful little face was all it took for me to say okay, even before consulting with his dad.  

So Tuesday morning arrived, and Matthew was up with the birds dressed in his "Work Zone" gear, and ready to go.  He had spent a considerable amount of time scrubbing Clara's name off of the baton, and had written his own name on it.  His teeth were brushed, his shoes were on.  This boy was ready to go!  So I dropped him off to the welcoming coaches,  and said a little prayer as I left.

I picked him up at noon.  My son was BEAMING!  The kind of grin a child has when they get a new puppy, or a trampoline, or a new bike.  His little head was drenched in sweat, and he couldn't wait to tell me all he had learned that morning.  The older girls came over and told me he was "Freaky good", and "So cute", I didn't know it was possible for his grin to get any wider, but it did.

We came home, and he practiced his baton all afternoon.  When Brian got home, and Matthew proceeded to show him all the tricks he had learned, I was prepared to go to bat for him, and argue his cause.  I was ready to explain that Matthew should be allowed to do things that he loved.  I was shocked when Brian said, "Sheesh, you sure do love twirling that thing, don't you?"  Matthew nodded.  Brian asked, "Are you the only boy?"  Again, a nod with a smirk from Matthew, who then explained to Brian that he IS the only boy who gets to hang out with all those girls, and some of them, (he blushed) are BEAUTY QUEENS!   

So begins the twirling career of my six year old son, who also enjoys baseball and wrestling.  Yesterday,  a former Saline Twirler came to meet up with him and give him some tips.  Nathan is the feature twirler at U of M.  Matthew has a new idol I think.  :)

I've been pleasantly surprised by the support I have gotten from my friends.  I told Matthew that he some people are going to tell him that twirling is just for girls.  His reply?  "Well then they are stupid.  Twirling is really fun."

God is good.  All the time.


Aimee McVay Conat said...

LOVE IT. That's is such a rocking, awesome thing.

SpeechMom said...

I think it's cool Matthew is twirling!! He looks adorable