Saturday, February 25, 2012

37 Days... Oh Ruby.....

Well being off of Facebook is no fun, (just in case anyone is wondering) but I am going to keep trying to stick to my plan!

Today Ruby had a twirling competition. She did well. Better than she ever has before, but it was a very long day, especially for a six year old who couldn't sleep the night before!

Ruby and her partner in crime Elly, manage to take it all in stride. They prance, strut, and flit around having a ball, only to be interrupted by those times that they have to actually COMPETE. It's a long day for us moms. Thank goodness for MY partner in crime Jody!! =) I couldn't ask for a better twirler mom to hang out with. =) Sometimes I think Ruby goes to the competitions strictly to socialize, or for the concession stand. Why is popcorn so much more alluring when it cost me $1.25 a bag? If I had popcorn at home, she would surely want to eat something else.

Today the girls were getting tired, and we still had their duet left to perform. Thankfully the boss lady who runs the show took pity on them and let them perform their duet early... otherwise we would probably still be there!

As we dressed the girls in their outfits, Jody suggested that the girls practice the their duet one more time. Ruby replied, "We don't have to. That's why they call it a "duet" you just look at your partner, and you do it!"

Out of the mouths of babes.... (They got second place in case you were wondering!!)

Good is good. All the time.

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ilene said...

I think socializing is huge for my swimmers too! They can get in and out of the shower at home in 10 minutes... but they take 20-30 minutes in the pool locker room! Congrats to the "do-it" for coming in second! Way to go!! :)