Monday, April 7, 2008

A picture is worth 1,000 words....

We got our new puppy on Saturday. Despite my objections, it looks as if she will be named Puppy Cakes. Silly yes, but it kind of fits her.

To say the kids are thrilled would be an understatement. Clara has taken charge and believes the puppy is just for her. Poor Matthew has tried to make her share, but she is quite determined to do everything for this dog herself. She is like a two year old puppy sitter. That poor dog can't blink without Clara reporting it to me. "Puppy cose eyes mama" "Puppy go pee pee mama" "Puppy pay toys mama" "Puppy wake up now mama" "Puppy eat food mama" Ruby per her usual life is good self just runs around after the dog giggling. She has thanks me for the puppy every five minutes or so. Matthew enjoys playing with her as well. He wants her to live at our house forever, and follows the dog around the back yard waiting for her to poop so he can scoop it up. Ahhh...if only that would last!!

I'm not sure who is more worn out, the puppy or the kids. We've had great weather to start out our spring break. I can't believe our luck in getting such a great dog. She LOVES the kids right back, and is not at all put off by the chaos that is our life. Even the cat is tolerating her quite well. She fits right in. :) Noah spent the weekend at a friend's house, thus the lack of pictures with Noah and the new puppy.
Backyardigans Live tomorrow night with the wee ones. Grandma Peggi is going. Should be lots of fun!
God is good. All the time.


Anonymous said...

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SpeechMom said...

Can't believe how cute Matthew is (the puppy too)