Sunday, March 30, 2008

Poppy, Poopy, or Puppy Cakes....

Coming soon to an already overstuffed house in Ypsilanti...the darling doodle...Poppy. (her REAL name) Poopy (as the boys like to call her) and or Puppy Cakes which is what the girls and my husband are calling her.

I can't wait for my DH to take her to a job with him and then tell "the guys" that this is his dog "Puppy Cakes". Either way, I am paying for her, so her name is Poppy! :)

I'm picking her up next weekend. This is her out in the snow yesterday. Isn't she too cute??

I'll be glad to get back to work this week. The kids have been puking or pooping or both all week. This virus has taken a toll on us all. I got Brian Guitar Hero for the Wii to cheer him up. It's worked, but I still need to upload the pictures. I'll do that later!

God is good. All the time.


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