Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cute pictures to make up for yesterday!

Today started out WORSE than yesterday, but is much better now. To celebrate, I'm posting a few recent pics.

This first one is called "Farmer John Came to Perry School, and Matthew Touched a Pig" (Sing it to the tune of Old McDonald....) Matthew was actually was holding the pig, but before I could snap the picture (I hate my camera...) it started squirming and he handed it back!

This collection is entitled... Why God Gave me a couple of Girls....

To help me make pancakes of course! Ruby was having so much stirring, that she got REALLY upset when I had to actually put the batter on the griddle!! Notice their pretty bracelets and pink fingernails! I can't take any credit for the fingernail polish though...kudos to Michelle for managing to get them to sit still long enough!

Speaking of kudos, my sister deserves some major ones...she took three of my kids today AND got the girls to take a nap. I am eternally grateful, although they slept so long, that as I type at 11:37, they are still up giggling in their room. I can always hope that they sleep in tomorrow.

Thanks to my sister I actually got a few moments to myself today, (which I needed DESPERATELY) and was able to enjoy Noah's and Ricky's baseball games. Both boys played well. I'm so proud of them.

Here is Matthew and his fiance "Baby".

I'm thinking of putting this picture in the paper to announce their engagement...but Matthew has his eye on a six year old! He actually blushes when he talks about her...which is almost constantly. He says he has a "trush" on her. :)

The girls are finally quiet, so they are either asleep, or drawing on the walls. I guess I better go check.

God is good. All the time.

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