Friday, May 16, 2008

Nobody Wants to see a Picture of a Crabby Mommy....

I have no cute pics to post today. Well, actually I might have cute pics, but I am not in a cute picture mood. Feeling a bit crabby today, so I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Here is a short list of things that may or may not have contributed to my foul mood...

1. Dog poop on the bottom of toddler sized Crocs.
2. Ice cream socials... with five kids and no husband.
3. Children who don't turn their assignments in and then try to play DS because it's Friday.
4. Whining. (From kids...not myself!)
5. Not winning any special post blog contests. I'm thinking they are RIGGED!
6. Accidentally killing chickens in utero (egg?) due to improper humidity.
7. And a few other things too, but I've complained enough about those....!

I think I need a bubble bath and a margarita...or at least a good night's sleep!

Now that I've vented, here is a list of NICE things that happened today....

1. My kids were GREAT at the spring sing today! (I'm so proud!)
2. Got an invite to a party! I know the date now...just have to figure out the theme. Hoping I don't have to come in costume. (Where can I get an alligator costume???)
3. My dad left me comments on my Myspace page.
4. Val had chocolate at work, and I know where she hides it!
5. Nice lady at the aforementioned ice cream social kept giving the girls free stuff.
6. (This one is awesome...) Getting Leslie in my room next year!!
7. Sharing the "poop" story with Debra
8. My nephew's adorable videos on my sissy's blog.

Maybe my day wasn't so bad after all. :)

Still looking forward to a margarita...

God is good. All the time.

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SpeechMom said...

It was a great spring sing - and you're always welcome to raid the chocolate!!!