Monday, January 14, 2008

The Birthday Girls....

Happy 17th Birthday to Alyssa, and happy um......happy uh......happy 39th birthday to my mom.
Here they are on Christmas together. Yucking it up as they always manage to do. :)
Top 17 things I love about Alyssa....
1. She is matter where she lives!
2. She is a great daughter.
3. She is a good sister.
4. She goes to church without me nagging her.
5. She has a great laugh.
6. She is an excellent friend.
7. She never gets dragged down by peer pressure.
8. She is smart.
9. She is silly.
10. She is fun.
11. She is good at math....a quality I admire, especially since I am NOT!
12. She is good at science...(see above)
13. She is willing to try new things...sorry about those dance lessons in 4th grade!
14. She is getting to be a pretty good driver...ditches and all!
15. She will defend her friends, and family.
16. She is an excellent role model.
17. She is Alyssa... nothing less, a unique, amazing, adventurous, carefree, confident, silly, serious, and loving person... I love her and miss her. We all do.
Happy Birthday Sis....
I can't even begin to list all the things I love about my mom. I am glad to be my mother's daughter. I see, feel, and hear myself becoming more and more like her as the days pass, and my own life leads me to shriek "Waaaauuuugggghhhhhhh" as dogs wrap leashes around my legs, children throw up on me, someone takes off a poopy diaper and carries it across the room dropping turds on the floor, or anything else unexpected happens. It's an unusual sound, but it gets the job done. I am not as skinny as my mom though....hmmmmm maybe that will give me something to look forward to as I get closer to um....ah....39.
I hope Noah never reads this and wonders why I didn't list my top ten things about him on his birthday. To be honest, I just thought of it. (Sorry Noah....) I'll post the best 11 things about you next year. I'll dedicate a post to you my bud after the chess tournament.
God is good. All the time.

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