Friday, January 4, 2008

Let the Sewing Begin!!!

Woo hoo! Santa was good to me this year! This was a total and unexpected surprise!'s only a Singer, but for someone who has NO CLUE on how to sew, I won't feel as guilty if I decide that I am sewing loser and go back to begging my dear sewing abled friends to sew cute frocks for my kids!

Yes... you are also looking at my STASH of BLANKS up on top of the as of yet unopened sewing machine! Target was having a clearance sale, and I stocked up on BLANKS (do you love my sewing lingo???) to applique! Now it's off to Joann's for some fabric and some fusible interface! MAN...I sound like a pro already!

The holidays were wonderful here! Santa was good to the whole family. We got a Wii, and the kids have enjoyed playing on it. Our current favorite family game is the Ravin Rabbids (or something like that....) it involves a lot of silly mini games like throwing toilet plungers at angry rabbits, or tossing cows....sounds terrible I know, but it is SO MUCH FUN to play, and to watch others play!

In case you are are my New Years Resolutions.....

1. No more selling on ebay...too costly. Especially when you factor in the ebay fees with the paypal fees. I was feeling like a Ebay genius until I got 87.00 bucks sucked out of my account the day before Christmas and overdrew my checking account. (Whoops...hope DH doesn't read this post!) I can't say I won't buy...I am a sucker for boutique clothing, but I don't think I will sell. It' s much easier just to cart things off to the second hand store, and if I take store credit, I probably come out ahead!

2. No more medicine... I've been taking anti depressants for a long time. Time to get off of them, and make myself happy without depending on drugs to keep me calm. This resolution should also serve as evidence in a court trial in case I go off the deep end and hack up aforementioned DH...ha ha...just kidding....I guess this could now be used as evidence for the prosecutor....good thing that so far it is going well. :) I guess I should say again...hope DH doesn't read this post!

3. Learn to sew...I may need to depend on the skills and patience of my dear friend, but I plan to try and figure it out. :)

4. Exercise...which I believe will be good for me both physically and mentally. It would be nice if I lost some weight, but my love of food will inhibit any diet that I attempt for more than a week or two. (Who am I kidding...maybe a day or two!) I plan of joining Curves again, with a friend of mine. Hopefully we will encourage each other to go and get into some semblance of "in shape" my current "blob like" figure isn't cutting it for me. To his credit, DH doesn't seem to mind! I don't need to be a model, but something in between Pillsbury dough woman and model would be good enough for me!

5. Live for today, and enjoy the people I love...quirks and all! Life is too short too worry about tomorrow, or what others think. I am so blessed in so many ways, I plan to appreciate my blessings and not long for things that others may do, have, accomplish, etc...

It is late, and time for bed. How am I ever going to get back into the groove of getting up at 6:00 and getting off to work??!! Does anyone know how many days until June 6th???

God is good. All the time.

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Missy said...

Hi Chickee! I can't wait to see what you whip up on your new machine!!! How exciting.

We have some of the same resolutions except the drugs. My resolution is going back on my anti-depressant after being off for 8 months. I'm starting to get manic and spiral so it's off the the dr. I go :-)

I have been exercising though...2.5 miles every day on the treadmill. Hoping to work up to 5 a day by summer. Way to go on rejoining curves. I would but our local one is owned by a smoker and it stinks in there.

Miss you and the kiddies!