Sunday, January 27, 2008

Just to prove him wrong!!

I took my DH to Joann's today, which was a not so smart move on my part! He wandered the aisles and gasped at the prices, (especially when he went to check out the serger I had mentioned earlier in the day)

Everything I touched he had a comment for "What do you need that for?" "How much does that cost?" "You don't even know what to do with that stuff!" (I swear, he is a great guy...really!)

However, his most irritating quip (as I ohhhhed and ahhhhed over some adorable sundress fabric, and fantasized about making adorable sundresses) was something along the lines of "Well, at least I know this is just a never stick to's not like you have any real follow through....."

Now before any of you out there start giving me referrals for good divorce attorneys, please refer to the second paragraph and also note that I am a good Christian wife!

At that moment, I decided I would have to prove him wrong. When we got home though, he had to go help out some friends of ours who managed to short out their electrical box this afternoon, so I was left alone for the evening. (Just in time to cook and serve dinner, give much needed baths to the five kiddos, and get their school things ready, and get them into bed!)

I then dragged out all of my sewing gear, and became more determined than ever to sew something that would knock his socks off. (That will be the only piece of clothing removed in my presence at least for a day or two...I am holding a grudge!)

Anyhow, just as I settled down to sew, I realized I was out of Diet Coke so I quick ran to the store, got some caffeine, and finally at 9:07 looked nervously at my sewing machine. I think I heard it mocking me....I was quickly longing for my BF to be here to support me. I had flashes of bobbin failure, user error, and wrecked I put my Michael Miller away. (After stroking it a bit)

Then I heard him say it again..."just a follow through......blah blah blah"

So I got out my new pattern for twirl skirts and got to work. Here are my results....

They are really not as crooked as they appear here, I was trying to put them on a diagonal to be cute. Guess it didn't work! Oh next hobby will have to be photography! Ha ha ha.... They actually turned out very cute, and I am very pleased. The second set is better, as I added even more for the seam allowance, and remembered to sew the first fold of the elastic holder. (opps....)

So...needless to say, it is waaaaayyyyy past my bedtime for a school night, but I am happy and pleased. Just one more pic....

Hmmmmm...maybe I should tell him I need a toddler sized dress dummy!

God is good. All the time.

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