Monday, February 25, 2008

Why are my sea monkeys stuck together?

Noah is quite proud of his sea monkeys. Thus far, he is the only one who has not only managed to hatch them, but they are each about 1/4 inch long...which in my opinion is pretty big for a sea monkey.

He truly enjoys the task of keeping them happy, always wanting to surf ebay for new and exciting things to add to their tank.

Today after school he was "airing" his sea monkeys (as he calls involves squeezing a baby booger sucker into the apparently works!) when a panic stricken "Mom! Mom! Come here! Quick! Something is wrong with my sea monkeys!"

Thinking they must have died, I went in with a heavy heart ready to promise a trip to Walmart to get some more. Imagine my surprise when he looked at me and said..."Look...those sea monkeys are stuck together down in the rocks...I think one got trapped and the other one was trying to help it, and now they both must be stuck there..." I was prepared to say "Yes son, they are stuck in the rocks" and get the heck out of there, when the cheeky little things decided to take a stuck together swim all over the little tank! As of this posting, they are still stuck together! I'm not sure whether I should be glad I'm NOT a sea monkey (leaning this way) or if I should be a little jealous!

Poor Noah is quite concerned. I tried to tell him that they were conjoined twin sea monkeys, but he didn't buy it. I then ran out of ideas and told him he would have to ask his dad when he got home, as I think dad knows a lot more about sea monkeys than I do. :)

Hee hee....12 more days. Not going too badly. In fact, I can blog a lot more frequently! Ricky has a RAGING ear infection, complete with goo oozing from his ear, and delirium inducing fevers. Stayed home from school to take him to the doctor today. Got an SD card when I picked up his prescription, but have not managed to actually put it into the camera.

Praying for a snow day tomorrow.

God is good. All the time.

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Missy said...

Love Monkeys!!!!EWWWWWWW!

Poor Ricky...I hope he's feeling better soon. I have an ear infection too and it isn't fun. My 5th one this year...maybe I need tubes ;-) Hey, I'm thinking I might come down a few days before Ken, you up for having us? It will be the weekend Brian comes home, so no biggie if you're not up for it.