Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 1...No husband at home....

Well, Brian left yesterday to take his mom back to Virginia. He will be gone two weeks, so it's just me and the kids here at home. So food. Since I am hoping that this will not become a regular occurrence, I've decided to list the things I have done in his absence...

Last night I....

1) Decided to sew Matthew his "camel" outfit. This is really a camo flannel lounge set, but he has been bugging me to do this ever since he spent HIS gift card at Walmart on fabric for me to sew into clothes for him. The pants turned out alright, but Matthew won't wear the pants unless he has a matching shirt. I have now discovered that I am NOT quite the sewer that I was beginning to think I was....I had a major disaster with the shirt. Remind me not to try and applique the letter "M" or any other letter onto a shirt. Luckily it is a camo print, and Matthew is really not too picky. The "M" is looking a little ragged. Leslie (bless her heart) said she thought it was supposed to look that way, and since it was camo, it should look ragged. :)

2) I also threatened to throw all of the DS players outside and run them over if the boys didn't stop arguing about them, then after deciding that was not one of my finer moments, decided to threaten to list the boys on Ebay for $10.00 or best offer. I must have looked and or sounded serious, as after that they straightened up!

Today I....

1) Took all five kids for haircuts. Well, not all of them got haircuts. Ruby and Clara backed out of the deal, but I did manage to get Ricky, Noah, and Matthew haircuts. I was particularly concerned about getting Matthew a haircut before his bus aide started making fun of me or offering to stop off on the way home from school so he could get a trim! Noah and Ricky have spring pictures at school this week too. Didn't want them looking like ragamuffins!!

2) Went to Target with all five kids. Not sure what I was thinking here. It was quite the experience. Clara is quite the shopper and has a pair of lungs that could put most opera singers to shame. Luckily she glommed onto a Superman action hero, and a dollar bin puppy. I was going to buy a vaccuum that didn't require putting water into it (we have a rainbow) but then just couldn't part with the I put it back. I was toying with the idea of taking the kids to dinner, but then Ruby decided she wanted a bike and changed my mind for me. She doesn't usually melt down, but when she does, it is pathetic. She doesn't shriek like Clara, she wails and cries and carries on complete with "peas mama...peas me bike" while people stare at me and wonder why I don't just buy the poor kid a bike. I managed to grab diapers (purpose for the trip) and my much needed Diet Coke, but forgot about the SD card I wanted to get for my camera. Needless to say, I decided on drive through and can't post any pictures today.

In case any of you are joining the throngs of strangers in Target who think me heartless, I do plan on getting Ruby a bike, but not with an impending snow storm on the way! I am hoping to get her a bike for Easter. :)

3) I sewed two lounge sets tonight with my "good" fabric. A Michael Miller print, and a Robert Kaufman print. It is much easier to sew when the kids are occupied! Ricky and Matthew went to spend the night at Leslie's house. (Again, God bless that woman!) The girls were tired after our shopping escapade, and I let Noah play Wii till he was sweaty and bleary eyed. Just as I was beginning to think I was once again a lounge set making master, my bobbin ran out, but not before getting all tangled up and wonky so that I had to tear out the seam I had started, thread bobbins, and fight the urge to list my sewing machine on Ebay!

Well, it is now the wee hours of the morning, and I am waiting for my electric blanket to heat up. I am going to attempt to take the kids to church tomorrow. I've already arranged for a sitter in the evening so that I can go to the grocery store, ALONE!

God is good. All the time.

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