Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 2...No Husband....

Well, the good news is that I still am in possession of all five of my children. This could be due to the fact that I keep forgetting to pick up an SD card for my camera, and thus cannot post their picture in an ad that reads "Free to good home".

Actually today went well. I tried to go to church. I got everyone up, dressed, loaded into the car, etc...but then I got to church right during the time that coffee and doughnuts is NOT done from first mass, and everyone else is trying to find a parking spot for 10:30 mass. After driving around for a parking space for ten minutes (there was NO way I was going to try and cross Washtenaw with five kids in tow...) I gave up.

Since we were out anyhow, I showed the boys where I went to school when I was there age, and proved that yes indeed I did walk uphill, at least one way to school, and it was a LOT further than the walk they are subjected to each day. They asked if we could move to my old neighborhood, which I thought it was sweet until I heard them giggling in the back seat about "Then we could go to "Dicken" school...get it..."Dicken" giggle giggle guffaw guffaw"

Ricky needed new shoes, so we went to get him some. As a bribe to behave, I told them that we could go to the pet store next door if they all behaved. Got Ricky shoes, and Matthew too...I had the lady measure his foot to shut him up, and then realized that he measures a full size bigger than the shoes I had been stuffing his feet into. (Whoops!)

Went to the pet store planning on looking at fish, only to find they were having an adopt-a-thon. The place was full of cages of cats and kittens! My kids went nuts and tried to get me to get them a kitten. I actually really liked the cat that Noah all black Siamese mix lover boy with green eyes. I was tempted, but held strong. So my kids hated me for awhile. I let them play Wii when we got home. I think they are over it now. (Except for maybe Ricky...that boy can hold a grudge!)

I really don't want a cat right now, because I plan on getting a new puppy this spring or summer. Here is the one I want....

Well, it won't be him, but his mom and dad are expecting puppies in a couple of months. I want one JUST LIKE HIM!!!! I don't care what my husband says...I'm getting one. :) He didn't ask me if I wanted new windows! lol

I also did get to the grocery store all by myself. Thank goodness for teenagers that live around the corner. :)

Well...I need to set out clothes and the like. No sewing today...

God is good. All the time.

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