Saturday, March 1, 2008

My 33rd Entry!!

I have become quite snobby in the fabric department now. I finally dared to cut into the "nice" fabric that I had been hoarding, and now I am totally spoiled. What an amazing difference!

Here is what I made tonight....

The picture isn't that great, but I used an adorable Michael Miller Dick and Jane game board fabric. It is so cute and springy! The other set is a lovely fabric as well, it reminds me of a spring day. I don't know what kind of fabric that is...blank textiles maybe? Needless to say, it is thick, and soft, and easy to work with. I think these sets turned out pretty well. I am finally beginning to get pretty good at elastic waist bands. Well, maybe pretty good is an exaggeration...they don't reduce me to tears anymore is more like it!

I also sewed up this set for Matthew...

Yup...Nascar. Nothin' screams one generation out of the trailer park like Nascar, but my boys seem to be obsessed with Nascar lately. (The little ones, not Noah) I made Matthew a Jeff Gordon flannel set, and he wears it to school at least twice a week, so when I saw this fabric at Walmart I picked it up so we could mix it up a bit. Now, I made this set out of love for my mistake was buying the fabric at Walmart. However, I've had a hard time finding Nascar fabric at the nice quilting shops that sell the "good" stuff. (Hmmmm...wonder why?????)

What a HUGE difference! I should have made a pillowcase and then stamped "made in China" on it instead of something I plan on passing off as clothes! I actually had picked up some Dora fabric there as well, but after I washed it you could see through it!!!! So I pitched it.
Matthew will be thrilled with the set, Walmart fabric and all. He isn't really very picky about his fabric. His aunt Mimi has just created a monster is all. :)

Still husbandless, and surviving. Going to church in the morning with the kids left here. Just Noah and the girls, I managed to get rid of Matthew and Ricky for the night. They like going to church with Leslie's family. They say it isn't boring like our church. I'll be praying on that....

God is good. All the time.

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