Friday, June 20, 2008

Feeling Blue....

I was looking forward to a visit from my bff....and so were my kids...but now she's not coming down state. Well, she is, but not to MY house for a few nights like she was going to. My kids are totally bummed, and I have to admit that I've been pretty crabby as well.

Here is the MIA BFF....and her dd10

Don't they just look fun????

If Noah says "Sure is a bummer that Mimi's not coming....sigh sigh, I sure was looking forward to seeing dd10" I think I may scream! He continued on..."I got mail from dd10, but it's not as fun as a visit." Ricky asked if Mimi was mad at which I answered..."I don't THINK so" but now I'm paranoid. Matthew just cried and suggested that we get in the van and go get her. Ahhh kids...nothing like rubbing a little salt into a raw wound!

I took them to the zoo to cheer them up, but they just wanted me to buy them stuff. Which I did, but they forgot is was supposed to help them get over their Mimi sadness and still grumped later in the evening... which made me even grumpier!

I did tell my hubby that I would still be going out on Saturday night with my dear sister for a need to waste a perfectly good offer on my hubby's part to stay with my kids for an evening! Who knows...maybe I'll even have two!

God is good. All the time... (Even when your bff isn't coming to town.)


Strozeski kids said...

Blue Smue you live in a shoe you have so many kids you don't know what to do....ha Just kidding!
So I have had a great night hangining out with you and Pat how fun why don't we do this more often then we can be 3/4 friends, The other 1/4 is reseved for sisterly spats so no full time friends here oh crap think i am gonna puke thanks again, henry is drunk now peace out and how funny was pat when he peeled out in the parking lot? We are too weird for words ttfn!

Strozeski kids said...

Oh doo doo and next time lets invite Marilyn too she makes me pee my pants!

Missy said...

I know, I know...I'm a horrible monster of a friend. I promise I will come down at least once this summer. Plus, hopefully your boys will be coming for cousin camp. I will totally make it up to them w/ bonfires, smores, swimming and all around crazy fun that 15 kids under the age of 10 can create!