Thursday, June 12, 2008

This place is a zoo!! And other random things we've been doing....

Well, school has finally finished (okay, it was last Friday!) and as you can see by the video above, Matthew's last few days were more fun than I ever remember school being! Matthew had such a fun time at his water party, that it was all he talked about for days. The conversation usually started with "Oh was so should have been there!" Brian heard so much about it that he told Matthew he'd do his best to be at the next water party next year. Matthew told him he needs to ask Ms. Debra when it is so he can put it on the calendar. :) Matthew was so busy having fun, that I was able to shoot some candid film of him before he noticed I was there!

This time of year also brings the end of baseball season. Ricky's team had their last game on Saturday, Noah had his last night (a 10-3 victory!!) and Matthew has his last game this Saturday! We'll all be breathing a collective sigh of relief, for as much as we love the hustle and bustle, the absence of baseball will allow us to do things like cook dinner, (my kids have been living on sunflower seeds and hot dogs) mow the lawn, read the paper, clean the house...(oh wait...there must be summer baseball somewhere!!) etc. Noah actually starts a double elimination tournament tomorrow, but seeing as they are in 4th place with only five teams, I'm thinking we'll be out of this thing pretty quick! I'll post some pics of him in action at the tournament. I think he's getting a Mohawk tomorrow. Several boys on his team got them, and they got good hits...he's thinking it might work for him!

Ricky and Dylan Ham it up at the last game....

Ms. Debra made it to a game! Lucky Matthew 3 of his 4 teachers came to cheer him on!!

Alyssa blew into town, and is staying with us until the 17th. The kids really enjoy having her around, and spend most of their time trying to make up for lost pester your sister time. Poor Alyssa! I don't think Tuesday can come soon enough for her!

We had family day today and went to the zoo. It was quite fun aside from the kids arguing and Brian and I threatening to leave "right now" if (insert any Boyer child name here) didn't straighten up! Thankfully they all in turn heeded our warnings, and everyone left happy and with a zoo souvenir (or two) in hand! Here's a few of my favorite pictures...

My boys on the train...
Clara taking it all in... Alyssa trying to convince Ruby to RIDE in the wagon...not pull it! (Didn't work...) Ricky and the Elephant...he liked this exhibit the best because of the "gigantic poop", which thankfully was not in the eye of the camera!!

I have more pics, but I will spare you dear reader until the next post, which I plan on calling "Where is Grandpa Tim When you Need Him?!" Why you wonder???? You'll just have to check back soon to see!

God is good. All the time.


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Strozeski kids said...

Um ok who is that comment from? So glad you guys got out and had a nice family day. The photos are so cute as well I just love m nieces and nephews!