Friday, June 13, 2008

Where's Grandpa Tim When You Need Him?

We have a pair of crazy ducks that roam our neighborhood. They drive poor Puppy Cakes crazy, but much to the delight of my children, they graced us with their presence in our front yard the other day! Be video-ing could turn your stomach...and for the record, the half naked guy walking down the driveway is my NEIGHBOR...not my husband!!

Okay, I just watched the video again and felt compelled to add the following information. The kids are throwing bread, not rocks at the ducks, and the other blonde child is not mine (but might as well be for as often as he is at our house!)

I had a wonderful time tonight. I went to a party with friends, no children, (or husbands!!) and I was able to actually hold a conversation without anyone climbing into my lap or stealing food from my plate! Good friends, good food, a truly lovely evening!! What a great start to the summer!

Ruby is still up, (speaking of climbing into laps...) so I'll cut this short. I'll also try to not be a blog slacker. :0) Look for more posts soon!

God is good. All the time.

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Strozeski kids said...

Dude what the heck I am glad Hal keeps his clothes on that old man is exposing himself to our kids! What the freak...? Someone in your neighborhood prob has one of those man made pond in the yard and they like it because they get fed by naked children too. I am watching the movie vacation when they go to wolly world, remembering the days of duffy barfing, dads smoking with his window down so all the hot ash blew right bight in and mom pooping in the car....ah memories