Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to You! An Ode to My Sister....

I would scan a picture but I can't figure out how to make the stupid scanner work. Sorry....

My sister is a sassy gal
the kind that makes you think
she's always quick to help you out
she'll be there in a wink
She has a twinkle in her eye
that makes you stop and wonder
what she's up to or what she'll say...
or what she'll turn up under
She's loads of fun and skinny too
my sister is the best
I love her very much you see
she's withstood every test
She buys my kids
all sorts of crap, the stuff we can't afford
when my kids go to Bubba's house
they certainly are never bored
So even though we sometimes fight
okay, well maybe we brawl
I love my quality sister sis
she's tops amongst them all!
Happy birthday to my Sister Sis. I love you....
Quality and Kids


Strozeski kids said...

Hey thanks for the great ode to me what a great gift! I especially dig the skinny part! Thanks again and see you Saturday!

Strozeski kids said...

Still looking forward to Saturday night drinks with the girls, I have been thinking of it most of the day!

Strozeski kids said...
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Strozeski kids said...

Margaritta nite got moved to UP's house that is Uncle Pats house just incase you thought we were headed to Iron Mt. He has a special blender and drink mix all we need to do is bring the Jose Q. Ah much more fun and cheaper than booby T's. Lets plan this for mid July I will need it after the great Isabella celebration has ended Good lord I created a monster!