Sunday, July 26, 2009

You Can't Really Dress a Guinea Pig

Clara is an animal lover.  She especially likes dogs.  Small dogs.  Specifically chihuahuas.  She wants one.  BAD.  She obsesses over what she will do with her little white chihuahua when she gets it.  It will be a girl, and she will name her Chloe.  (Sound familiar?  Blame Disney and Beverly Hills Chihuahua her favorite movie...)  When she gets her chihuahua she will carry it in her purse or her princess backpack, and she will paint its fingernails and its toenails pink, and it will wear pink clothes and shoes, and be "so cute".  After she gets her little white dog she is going to let her dad get a big black and brown dog and "he can name he Delgado and him will be Chloe's best friend".  If you ask her why she wants a chihuahua she will tell you because they are "small but mighty".    In her head it is all perfectly planned out.  

Problem is, she will likely never get a chihuahua.  They really are not kid friendly dogs.  In addition, Brian seems to think he has to trade in his penis if he ever gets a dog small enough to carry in a purse.  Most rescues will not adopt chihuahuas to families with small children (we've got lots of those) and I don't really want to risk divorce by buying a dog for my daughter from an ad in the paper.  Brian wants a big dog when we get another dog.  So, I don't think my little one will get her little dog anytime soon.  I've told her this time and time again, but she remains certain that she will have one someday.  I guess it's good to think positive.

Tonight the family went to see G-Force, a movie about secret agent Guinea Pigs.  (Again, thanks Disney!) The kids all want a guinea pig now, Matthew has wanted one before, and the movie has just fanned the flames all over again.  As Ruby was plotting and planning all the things she would do and say to her new pet guinea pig, I reminded her that guinea pigs don't really talk.   Clara calmly chimed in,  "Yea, and you can't really dress a guinea pig, but you can dress a chihuahua!"

God is good.  All the time.

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ilene said...

Hey MM..... hamsters are MUCH quieter than guinea pigs!!! Tell Clara that she should start saving her money for her dog.... Dori has been saving for YEARS for a ferret... every time she gets close we 'encourage' a non-living purchase!!! :) Love ya!!