Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I think I will purchase a lottery ticket this week. I mean, someone has to win... right? What would I do with my winnings you wonder? Here's my top ten list. =) (In case you care!)

1. Pay off student loan. (Boo....) Actually paying it off is about as likely as me winning the lottery, especially in today's pro-teacher climate, but I digress...

2. Take my class to Disney World. Yea.. really I would. I am not saying I would be in charge of supervising them... heck, I would bring a parent for that, but I would pay for them to go and spring for the dining plan so they could eat too. =) I'd throw in spending money as well. Hopefully I would earn a spot as "favorite teacher ever" in the process. ;)

3. Buy a new big house with enough rooms so each of my kids could have their own room, realizing full well that they would probably all still ask to sleep together like they do now.

4. Almost forgot.... Tummy tuck and other modifications for my girls and I.... ;) We would have to go somewhere warm, tropical and margarita serving for our recovery time. No worries ladies, I would hire nannies to care for the kids and hubbies while we are away.

5. Pay off the debt that YPS owes to the state and rename one of the schools "The Rick Snyder Blows Academy" (So worth the 14 million or so it would cost....)

7. Pay off houses or other debts for friends and family.

8. Adopt a baby or two....

9. Hire a maid. A live in maid who likes to clean and cooks delicious meals....

10. Money to the church. Grandma Lucy would be proud. ;) I'd have them put her name on something fancy in her honor.

11. Purchase a pool, hot tub, and Taylor Lautner look alike pool boy. I'd hire a pool girl that looks just like me too, since my husband thinks I am such a babe. (What a goof!)

Note to self... buy a ticket.

God is good. All the time.


ilene said...
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ilene said...

Good luck! I hope you win the lottery... how hard could it be?!! ;) You are right about the kids still sharing a room if they all had their own.... that's what happened at our house! :)