Monday, March 5, 2012

Random Thoughts....

I have a lot of extra time on my hands lately. I could use the time to clean my house, but truth be told, I hate cleaning. My sister loves cleaning, and she has a time share in Disney World. Sometimes I wish I were my sister. That's what I had kids for, I imagined they would help me clean. Sadly they have inherited my "hate to clean" genes. Collectively we drive my husband crazy. Good thing we are cute!

We tried to have a family movie day yesterday. We went to see The Lorax... Ricky and Noah ditched us and my husband slept through most of the movie. On the bright side, I had enough points on my FMG card to get a free popcorn and pop, AND the concession stand was so busy the lady gave the kids slushies instead of pop in their snack packs. They thought this was great... I got a belly ache from eating too much popcorn. I have this innate drive to shove as much popcorn in my mouth at the movies as possible. I am sure it is not pleasant to sit next to me... I always eat too much popcorn. I do not do this with other foods... if you have an idea on how to solve this, let me know. I am open to suggestions.

Speaking of things I enjoy shoveling in my mouth, I love Chocodiles. They are chocolate covered twinkies. I guess you can only get them on the west coast, and maybe not even everywhere there. My friend just moved to Arizona. I am hoping that she can get chocodiles in her part of town and send them to me. She is a vegan, so she probably doesn't really eat twinkies, I am guessing vegans do not eat twinkies, or maybe they CAN eat millions of twinkies because they are made out of only chemicals, but that would kind of defeat the purpose of being a vegan... eating chemicals can't be all that healthy. Do vegans eat chocolate?

Speaking of vegans, my hero Ellen is a vegan. My DREAM day would be Ellen showing up at my work, with a box of Chocodiles (or two...) and saying "Hey! I just paid off your student loans, and I am taking your class to Disney World!"

My husband thinks I am weird because I have said that if I ever won the lottery, I would totally take my class to Disney World... of course it would have to be a fairly large jackpot, since I would have to pay off my bazillion dollar student loan first, but I so would just book us a plane and a floor or two of rooms and off we would go. I wouldn't even get it approved first. Maybe I would bring the curriculum director with me so she would approve the trip....maybe.... I would certainly invite the new Student Support Services coordinator, maybe she could smooth things things over with the curriculum director for me. ;)

I am torn between watching The Bachelor Women Tell All episode tonight and The Voice. I am DVR'ing both.

Hope all is well in your worlds.

God is good. All the time.


Tamara said...

If Ellen takes you class to Disney, make sure she brings your class from last year. :0)

Alice said...

Hopefully your Ellen/ Disney World dream can wait until William is 5 years old. Then I would be happy to chaperone.

I love Ellen, but I could Never be a vegan. Food is simply too delicious.

I think we should try to make some crocodiles. While we wait for the chocolate to melt, we can deep fry some Oreos. :)